Accept Payments from PayTM EDC device at POS counter in integrated mode

In order to facilitate the cashless payments, LOGIC ERP has taken another step by integrating with Paytm EDC Device . With this, customers can pay through Debit Card, Credit Card, QR code, UPI, PPB, and Net Banking.

How to configure

Step-1 As you can see in the following picture that you have to set the API Type to EDC Device in the Wallet Payment Configuration window for activating this feature.


Step-2 After that go to the Setup Credit Cards window to set the Card Type as Paytm.


Preparing Device For Accepting Payments

Step-1 PayTM Agent will activate the device for accepting payments from the Billing Screen

Step-2 Enable Integration Mode

Step-3 Now when you will have to accept the payment for an order in the Sale Bill, you can see that the Paytm EDC option is also available in the Payment Screen.


Step-4 Enter the Amount customer wants to pay online. For example, in this case, the sale bill is of Rs. 51. The customer wants to pay Rs.1 through an online transaction, and the rest of the amount in cash. So, enter the amount and click on the Play Button.


Step-5 A message will appear on your software screen, asking you to accept the payment via Paytm EDC Terminal.


Step-6 Payment Request will Appear on the device. Click on the Accept Button to receive the transaction.


Step-7 Select one option between Tap Card and Scan QR.


Payment Processing will start.


For Card Payment

Insert the Credit/Debit Card into your EDC machine and enter necessary details. 


The message shown in the picture below will get displayed after the transaction is successful.


For Payment through QR Scan

Ask the customer to scan the QR code displayed on the EDC machine.


After the transaction is successful, the following message will display on the EDC machine screen.


Step-8 After receiving the payment through the Paytm EDC machine, look at your software screen. You will notice the transition details made through Paytm. Now, click on the Close button.


Step-9 Enter the amount to receive via cash and click on the Print and Save or Save button.

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