Auto Allocate Lots for Barcode /Qty Scanning in Sale Bill

In the Setup Sale Configuration settings, the “Auto Allocate Lost for Barcode/Qty Scanning” option is added, which will allow you to automatically allocate items quantity from other lots in case the desired quantity is insufficient in a particular lot you selected.


After enabling this option when you will go to the Sale Bill and create a Bill for an item. Enter the item code along with its quantity by using a separator. For example in the following picture, you can see that along with item code i.e. 8904141505097, a separator (%) has been used to define its weight/quantity i.e. 20000 (grams). It means you need 20 items right now. But, the current lot has only 1 item, so in the Qty column, only 1 item got added.


But as we have enabled the “Auto Allocate Lost for Barcode/Qty Scanning” option, when you will press enter on your keyboard, it will automatically fetch items from other lots until the desired quantity level is reached i.e., 20. You don’t have to manually enter the lot codes or quantity numbers every time.


[Note: Remember, the option will only work if you are using a Barcode and Quantity separator.]

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