New Options added in Patient Name Details & Search List

In the Patient Search List window, a new option i.e. “Mobile Number” is added for allowing users to search for patients using a mobile number as a search option.

Patient Search List-Mobile Number

Also, in the Patient Name Details window, After Selecting the patient, it will display the previously purchased items (recently) that the patient bought from you in the ‘Select Items To Re-Order‘ section. If the patient wants to reorder those items, you can select them from the list and then, click on the OK button.

Select Item to Re-order

As you can see, the item details will automatically get added to the Sale Bill. You don’t have to manually type the same information again and again.

Sale Bill - Patient Item Details

There’s another option “Show Items From All Bills” in the Patient Name Details. By selecting this option, all the items that the patient purchased from you till now will get displayed from all the bills related to that particular patient. You can select the items in case there’s a re-order.

Show Items From All Bills
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