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An Audit Trail Report consists of a set of records that provides the details related to the sequence of activities performed by the users at any time that affected a specific event, operation, device, etc…

From 1st April, every organization using accounting or ERP software must utilize the feature of recording audit trail for transactions to mitigate unrecorded transactions and curb frauds. The step has been taken by our Government to prevent the fudging of books.

It will ensure transparency among operations, act as a defense of records for compliance, and ensure accuracy, integrity, and sensitive information security.

Logic ERP software records all the transactional activities details related to sale, purchase, cash, bank, stock, etc., in a precise manner (includes dates and the type of activity performed by the users at what time, etc.).

How to create an audit trail report in Logic ERP?

To create an audit trail report in Logic ERP software, go to User Access -> User Access Reports -> Audit Trail Report.

In the Audit Report configuration settings, you can select the document types that you want to audit, Select the ‘Scan TXN Types’ (all, new, modify), and even set the ‘Order By’ for the report.

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After saving the configurations, the report generated will consist of all the users’ activities at their workstations. As an example, you can see the following picture. Here, the workstation named SUNIL-PC modified the voucher NGST-231 on the Txn date 01/03/2021 whose document type is SALE. There are other details also that you can check.


The report will show the complete audit details related to each document type you selected in the configuration settings.

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Document Modification Log

In case you want to check the Txn documents that were modified, then you can do so in the ‘Document Modification Log‘ report.


This report displays the modification details that were done in documents such as Sale, Purchase, Stock, etc… As you can see in the following picture, the Document Modification Log report showing the modification details related to voucher no. NGST-231.


Accounts Document Modification Log

If you want to check the modification log details related to the account, you can do so in the ‘Accounts Document Modification Log‘ report.


The following picture shows the modification details related to the account, which covers the aspects: modify date, modify time, username, modify type, etc…

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