Now Send Feedback Survey with Aaptak eBills

In the recent update of Logic ERP software, you will now be able to send Surveys along with e-bills to your retail customers. To know how new update work, follow the given steps:

Step-1: You should first enable Aaptak eBill option for your branch if its not enabled. Aaptak eBill helps you send digital bills to your customers. To know more about Aaptak eBill and how to configure click here

Step-2: Next step is to set up the Survey Template. You can do so in the Setup Feedback Template window (See the picture below).


Step-3: Now, go to Aaptak App Configurations -> Aaptak e-Bill. In the Setup Aaptak eBill Configuration, select the Survey Template settings for the required bill series (See the picture below for reference).


Step-4 Create a Sale Bill for the retail customer (as shown in the picture below), and click on the Save button.


An SMS will be sent to your retail customer registered mobile number, consisting of an eBill link.

[Note: For Wholesale Customers, you can only send the e-Bills. Feedback Surveys can’t be sent.]

At Retail Customer End:

The retail customer will receive an SMS on his/her mobile number, which will consist of a link to their e-Bill. Click the link.


As you can see in the following picture, the statement will consist of detailed information about e-Bill. The user can also download the bill. Now, press the “Click here” button to go to the Feedback Survey webpage.


The retail customer will answer the survey questions that you entered in the Survey Template. After answering the feedback survey, click on Submit button.


Thank You message will appear on the screen.


You can check the survey feedback of the customer in the Feedback Report module (as shown in the picture below):


[Note: In order to send e-Bill Wholesale Customer, you have to enable ‘Allow Aaptak E-Invoice‘ option in the ‘Enter Customer/Supplier Wise Other Details’ window.’]


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