This API is used to CREATE SALE BILL in LOGIC .The third party application will push the API and the fields containing the details associated with SALE BILL will be saved.

To access this API, you need to call: Host-Server Name/API-name. In this case, the API name will be: Save Sale Bill .

All the Fields that are used to Save Sale Bill are mentioned below:

Field NameField Value DescriptionRequired
Doc_TypeStringThis Fields Stores the Document Type Yes
Doc_CodeNumberThis Fields Stores the Unique Document Code No
DeliveryAtStringThis Fields Stores the Time of Delivery No
Remarks2StringThis Fields Stores the Remarks. No
DeliveryAdd1StringThis Fields Stores the Delivery Address No
OrderNoNumberThis Fields Stores the Order Number No
PVTMarkStringThis Fields Stores the PVT Mark No
Order_IdStringThis Fields Stores the Unique Order ID. No
Gst_State_CodeNumberThis Fields Stores the GST State code No
GRNoStringThis Fields Stores the GR Number No
GRDateStringThis Fields Stores the GR Date No
BillSeriesStringThis Fields Stores the Bill Series No
WayBillNoNumberThis Fields Stores the Way Bill Number No
CurrencyNameStringThis Fields Stores the Currency Name No
ExchangeRateNumberThis Fields Stores the Exchange Rate No
PartyUserCodeNumberThis Fields Stores the Unique Party User code Yes
BranchCodeStringThis Fields Stores the Unique Branch Code Yes
LstItemsArray(This function stores the List of Item Details)

** Note:– In the above Requested Json, some fields are mandatory to Define: Branch Code ,Doc Type, Party User Code ,Logic User Code ,Sale Qty,Add Item Code, Lot Number.

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