Link Ship From Address in Sale Bill

The era of e-commerce has allowed the billing and dispatch of goods to be done from different locations. Apart from e-commerce businesses, even large corporations do shipping of goods from a location that is different from the billing location.

So, Logic ERP has added a new option of ‘Ship from’ in sale bill.

Follow the steps mentioned below to use this option:

Step-1: Click on ‘Setup Ship From Address Master’ under Setup accounts option to create shippers.

Step-2:  Go to column locks in Sale Voucher Configuration to enable ‘Ship From’ option in sale bill.

Step-3: You will see ‘Ship from’ option enabled in Sale Bill. Select the required shipper from the search list. (The search list will consist of all the shippers that you created in the first step). Fill the required details of the bill and save it.

Go to Sale Voucher Configuration and click on other settings to set default shipper for a particular bill series. A new option of ‘Default ship from’ has been added in defaults-2. (Refer to the following image).

A new column named ‘Branch Ship from address’ has been added in Setup Branches window to set default shipper for a particular branch. (Refer to the following image).

Step-4: While generating e-way bill number for the sale bill, you will see that the transaction type will be displayed as ‘Bill From- Dispatch From’.

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