Cash / Bank Payment Requisition

A new Option “Cash /Bank Requisition” is launched in Logic ERP .The Cash /Bank Payment requisition voucher is a request for the Approval of Cash /bank payment entry .Only after Approval From Administrator ,the Cash or bank payment entry will be saved. This option will help to maintain the cashflow .

Step 1: Go to Setup Approval in User Access. Select the Event ” Cash/Bank voucher Requisition”

Step 2: Right click on the Event and click on Allocate user. Select the User from the List and Click on Ok Button.

Step 3: Go to Cash / Bank Requisition option From A/c Vouchers . Enter the Account name and the entry amount .Click on save.(Refer to the Image below)

Step 4: Go to Logic Start bar >Common Program >My Messages. Right click on the Document which you want to approve or reject and click on Approve Event . click on Ok.

Step 5: The following window will appear after you click on yes button to approve event . Click on Select button . The Document will be marked with yellow Flag and click on save button.

Step 6: Go to Create Cash /Bank payment Vouchers from Requisition from A/C Vouchers Menu. Select the Requisition Document .A dialogue box will appear, choose the entry and click on ok button

Step 7 : Select the Requisition document and click on Refresh . Press Space Key or double click on the header grid to select or unselect the document and then click on save button . This will Automatically create the cash payment entry .

Entry Saved After Approval

The following image demonstrates the Cash /Bank Payment Requisition report that you will find under Financial Reports.

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