A New option De-Assembling is added in Inventory module. De-Assembling is a process to Dismantle the finished good into raw goods .In simple words it is just opposite of Assembling in Logic. This option will allow user to undo the Assembling in LOGIC ERP .

Firstly, we are going to Discuss about the Assembling process then we will move forward to De-Assembling .

Step 1: In Assembling ,the first step is to Create the raw goods and the one Finished good.

Step 2: Go to Finished Items Details in Set other Item Details. Select the Finished item and enter the raw items in the Item Grid. Click on Save button.(Refer to the image below)

Step 3: Go to Assembling option in Inventory Module .Select the Finished Item from item search list . After selection of item the Finished items details will be displayed in item grid that we had entered previously. Enter the Issued to and save the document.

In The above shown process , we have seen how assembling takes place and now we will discuss about the De-assembling .The following steps will help to understand the process of De-assembling:

Step 1. Go to De-Assembling added under Inventory module. Click on Select finished item and choose the Item from search list.

Step 2.After Selection of finished item ,you can view the raw goods in item grid in which finished good will be dissembled. Enter Issued to and click on save button.

After De-Assembling process ,the stock of finished good will be reduced and the stock of raw good will be added back.

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