GST E-Invoice without API

E-Invoice System has been enabled for taxpayers with a turnover of more than 20 crores in the previous financial year. This system is live and implemented by the government. It is compulsory for the clients with a turnover of 20 crores or more than that.

The following tutorial shows how you can create E-Invoice without API.

Step-1: In the main menu, go to Reports/Queries -> Sale registers -> GST Reports -> Generate GST E-Invoice. (Refer to the image below):

Step-2: Prepare JSON
i) Select the document(s) from the search list. You can select as many documents as needed.
ii) Click on refresh.
iii)Click on prepare JSON. JSON file will be created at the specified path.

Step-3: Upload
Now go to the Government Portal website, Goods and Service Tax e-Invoice Login. Enter the required details and login to your account. Now click on e-invoice option on the left hand side and go to bulk upload. Browse the JSON file that we created in the previous step and click on upload. E-invoice will be uploaded. After the e-invoice is generated, download the excel file which will be used in further steps. (Refer to the image below):

Step-4: Allocate
i) In logic software, go to allocate GST e-invoice number to voucher, just below the option of generate GST E-invoice.
ii) Click on retrieve from excel option and browse the excel sheet that we downloaded in the previous step.
iii) Click on refresh.
All details such as IRN, acknowledgement number, acknowledgement date will get automatically picked. You also don’t need to attach QR image separately with each voucher. When you retrieve the details from excel sheet, the QR images get automatically attached with their respective vouchers.
iv) Click on save to save the details. (Refer to the image below):

Step-5: Printing
Go to Continuous printing -> Sale bill-Print Designer and Printing. For e-Invoice QR image generation, click on the Custom Image button.

Right click on the Barcode image to open the Image Settings window. You can attach the fields to your QR code.

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