Assign Stock To Delivery Order-B2C

A New option ” Assign Stock To Delivery Order-B2C “ is Added in Order Processing menu . This option will allow you to select multiple Delivery Orders at once for Stock scanning and allocation.

Firstly, you need to add Configuration . Enter Configuration Name and click on save.

The image below illustrates that you can select multiple Delivery Orders in one go with the help of this option.

There are Two methods of Scanning . Manual Allocation and Auto allocate stock .

1.) Manual Method: In this method ,You will need to scan Item code one by one for each item . The Quantity that is allocated will be displayed in “Qty Scanned “ column.

2.) Auto Stock Allocation: Under this method ,the total Stock will be allocated automatically at one single click. To enable this option ,Go to configuration ,Click yes to Enable auto allocate stock “ option. (Refer to the image below)

Click on Auto Allocate stock option. The Order Quantity will be automatically Scanned and will be made available for Billing.

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