Sale Return Gate Pass Entry Against Token Number

In Ecommerce, if any order is returned to the supplier an API is hit that generates a sale return .To keep Accurate Record of Returns a unique number is allocated with the Sale return called Token Number. This token number assures that the Order that is returned has been received by the Vendor and then its is further processed for Quality Checks.

Logic ERP has introduced new option in Sale bill Menu ie; “Enter Sale Return Gate Pass Entry Against Token Number”. This option assures that the Product has been entered the Vendor’s premises.

Step 1: Firstly ,we need to add Token number in Sale return .Modify Sale return voucher and add token number in Other settings -3. 

Step 2: Go to Billing Menu and click on ” Enter Sale Return Gate Pass entry Against Token no” . Scan the Token number that was entered in sale return previously and press enter. The documents details will appear and then Click on Save.(Refer to the image below)

Step 3: After the product is received by the Supplier ,the next step is that the product will undergo a Quality Check procedure that involves verification of the product .In logic ERP , QC entry against Token number is to be entered. A new option is added just below the gate pass entry option ie; “Enter Sale Return QC entry Against Token number.” Enter Token Number and press enter. Save the details.

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