Scheme Setup for Sale Order

A New option “Setup scheme for sale order” is added in configuration. Previously , Scheme setup was done only for sale bill. In new updation
setup scheme option is enabled in Sale Order that will allow you to apply scheme in sale order also.

Step:1 Go to Setup Scheme Types option from Configuration menu. Set Scheme for as “Scheme for Sale order” . Define Scheme type, Short name and click on Save.(Refer to image below)

Step 2: Go to Configuration menu and click on “Setup Scheme for Sale Order “. Define Scheme Group by clicking on New button. Enter Scheme reference and Scheme description . Click on save button.

Step-3: Click on New Item option . Select the items on which Scheme is to be applied and click on Save .

Step 4: Click on Define Scheme Dates and enter Date from and Date to . Also choose the Scheme type and click on Save.

Step 5: Go to Scheme Details tab and define the scheme .You can define Multiple Schemes in Scheme/unit, CD%, TD% ,SP C.D. % ,Scheme(Rs) and Adj/unit. For instance, we are going to Define scheme in Scheme/unit and Scheme(Rs) (Refer to the image below)

Step 6: Go to Sale order window and click on Configuration>Other Options and Set Group Scheme as “Prompt before Issue” to enable the scheme option in Sale Order.

Step 7: Create a Sale Order and click on F2 to Implement the Group Wise Scheme option. a window will appear choose the Scheme Type to apply scheme as shown in image below:

Step 8: Choose the Scheme from the list to Implement in Sale Order and Click on Ok.

The following image demonstrates that the Scheme is applied. Click on ok and save the Sale order.

Step 9: Before Retrieving the order in sale bill ,we need to map the Scheme fields of Sale order with Sale bill in Sale voucher Configuration. Go to Other Settings-1 >Other Settings>Defaults-2>Map SO Fields. Map all the fields that you wish to apply in Sale bill also.

**NOTE: Scheme (RS) Field will be mapped with Adjust/Unit only.

Sale Voucher Configuration window

Step 10 : Go to Sale Bill window and Retrieve Sale Order .

Sale bill Screen

The Scheme will be automatically applied after Order retrieval in the Sale bill as shown in image below:

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