New GSP added for E-invoice

A new GST Suvidha Provider, Texilla (Adaequare Information Pvt. Ltd.) has been added for e-invoice. So now we have two GSPs for e-invoice operations.

Follow the steps given below for settings of new GSP :

Step-1: Register

Go to the E-way bill portal and login to your account. Then go to Registration -> For GSP.  Click on Add/New. Select GSP name as Adaequare Info Private Limited. Fill in other details to create a username and password. This username should be different from that of Chartered Information Systems Private Limited. (Refer to the image below):

So now you have two GSPs. Click on view to see the list of registered GSPs.
Adaequare Info Private Limited is also known as Texilla and Chartered Information Systems Private Limited is also known as Taxpro.
(Refer to the image below):

Step-2: Settings in Logic

Now, go to the GST Return Configuration -> E-Way Settings -> Other settings -> GST E-Invoice.
Enter the username and password that you created in the first step for the new GSP. Then save it. (Refer to the image below):

Do not change username and password in the E-way tab. Make sure that the username and password in E-way tab are that of Taxpro (Chartered Information Systems Private Limited). (Refer to the image below):

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