Implement Schemes Lot Code/Lot Pieces Wise

Now, Lot Wise Scheme can also be implemented on the basis of Lot Code/Lot Code + Piece number

The following steps will demonstrate the working of this option :

Step 1:Go to Setup Schemes window . Define a new scheme and specify the scheme effective dates. . After that, go to the Scheme details tab .open Column attributes window and tick to enable the Lot wise scheme option.

Step 2: Press Space key in the Lot wise scheme column . Lot wise scheme window will appear . you can set Barcode as Lot number, Lot code or Lot code +Pcs no. We will set Barcode as Lot Number for instance.

Step 3: Select the Free Item Name chosen earlier. Choose lot number at which scheme is to be applied .

Step 4:Set Scheme as per you requirement . For example , in the image shown below Cash discount flat 10 % is defined on the Dove conditioner intense repair with lot number 44421 . this means that if this item is transacted in sale bill and the lot number 44421 is chosen then 10 % cd will be automatically applied in the bill.

Step 5: Create a sale bill and transact the item . Select the lot number in which the scheme is soon as you click on save button the a message will be prompted indicating the New bill amount as shown in image below:

Cash discount of 10 % is deducted from the bill amount automatically.

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