Credit Note Validity Days

Credit Note Validity (Days) option is used to enter the number of days for which the Credit note will be valid. After the validity days are exceeded , the credit note will not be accepted.

You can enable this option using following steps:

1.) Open software file location and run Logic admin.
2.) Expand Global settings and click on sale return.
3.) Enter the number of days in the Credit note validity days field.

Sometimes a customer requests to allow to redeem credit note after expiry. This can be done using the option “Credit Note Change Request-OTP/ Validity “ option that will allow user to change the validity date for the desired Credit Note.
This option is also useful when OTP is enabled on on Credit Note Redemption but due to some technical issue customer is not getting OTP on his/her mobile. In this situation, OTP validation can be disabled from the same screen for the desired Credit Note.

The following steps will guide you about the usage of this option:

Step 1: Go to Main menu > Billing > Credit note change request-OTP/ Validity window.

Step 2: You can either enter the Sale Return number or click on select pending sale return and tick the sale return from the list.

Step 3: You can either choose the Request for as Skip OTP, Valid date or both. Also, mention the reason for the request .

Step 4: Lets choose request for as ” Valid Date” . For instance , We have chosen Sr-3 that is valid till  24 july 2022. Now, enter the new valid date and click on Update button.

Step 5: The Credit note Change request will be sent for Approval.

Step 6: Admin will Approve event and the Requested Changes will be implemented

The image below demonstrates the Validity date of SR-3 has been changed to 27/07/2022 as per request.

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