Limit Credit Payment in Sale Bill Payment Window

Sometimes it is required to limit credit payment per bill in Sale Bill so that customer always pays some advance for the bill. You can do this by using the following option “Allowed Credit %” in Sale Voucher Configuration.

The following steps will help to enable this option in Billing window:

Step-1: Go to Sale voucher configuration > others settings1> other settings> Defaults -2. Enter the percentage of credit amount that you want to allow in bill and save the configuration. (Refer to the image below)

Step -2: Create a sale bill . For example , we had defined the allowed credit percentage as 10 % and the bill amount is Rs 2599 which means you are allowed to pay only 10 % of the bill amount as credit i.e, Rs 259.9. In case you try to enter more than the allowed credit percentage, the following error message will occur:

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