Rate Decimal Added in Sale voucher Configuration

“Rate decimal” option is added in Sale Voucher Configuration that is used for accurate calculation in Bill . By using this option you can enable Rate decimals for Pack as ” 4 “and Units as ” 7″ . This will improve the precision for calculation of the values where rate of the item is up to 7 decimal places.

The following steps will allow to enable the option :

Step-1: Open Sale voucher configuration and go to Other settings-3. Select the Pack= 4, Units = 7 from the list and save the configuration.

Case 1: Open sale bill window and Transact one item. As you can see in the image given below that the rate appears as entered originally in purchase. Press F5 in Packs column and enter quantity in packs conversion .

After choosing the conversion factor , Rate for packs will appear in 4 decimal places as shown in image below:

Case 2: Open sale bill window and Transact one item. This time enter quantity in unit conversion .

Now you will observe that the rate will appear in 7 decimal value for the unit conversion as shown in image below:

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