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TDS Receivable Entry

Logic ERP has added a new option in Cash receipts and Bank receipts that will enable you to pass a TDS Receivable account entry.

GSTR Account Posting In Journal Voucher

Option introduced to Enter Accounting Voucher of GSTR in Journal Vouchers: GST has become a very important part of business accounting. We have introduced a new feature in our software using which you can retrieve GSTR summary directly in journal voucher for posting in accounts and transfer GSTR liabilities to payable accounts. Main Menu: Accounts> […]

New Options in Setup TDS Types

Users can now define the amount on which TDS will be applied, as per their requirement. Apart from this, one TDS type can be linked with another. This tutorial will brief you about the new columns that have been added in Setup TDS types in Logic ERP. 1.TDS under GST Step-1: Go to the Setup TDS […]

Contra Account Name Column added in Setup Journal Voucher Template

Contra Account Name Column added in Setup Journal Voucher Template: You can now set contra account against account name in Setup Journal Voucher Template. These will be automatically retrieved in Journal Voucher. Main Menu: Accounts> Configurations> Setup Journal Voucher Templates Setup Journal Voucher Templates form will appear on your screen. Select configuration, JV Configuration, JV Series […]