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New Update In Journal Voucher Configuration

New Feature Added There’s a new feature introduced in Journal Voucher Configuration to ensure that the user enters HSN code when creating a Voucher Entry. Earlier, when the user creates the entry, and forget to enter HSN Code, the voucher will still generate. So, to prevent this, you can select an option in Configuration Settings i.e., […]

Cash / Bank Payment Requisition

A new Option "Cash /Bank Requisition" is launched in Logic ERP .The Cash /Bank Payment requisition voucher is a request for the Approval of Cash /bank payment entry .

New Columns Added in Cash/ Bank Voucher Search Form

New Columns Added in Cash/ Bank Voucher Search Form: New filters have been added in the Cash/ Bank Voucher Search form to select the Entry Amount and Voucher amount as Equal to or Between.  You can search the account vouchers through its amount as well now. Main Menu: Accounts> A/C Vouchers Open any Cash/ bank […]