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Auto Allocate Lots for Barcode /Qty Scanning in Sale Bill

In the Setup Sale Configuration settings, the “Auto Allocate Lost for Barcode/Qty Scanning” option is added, which will allow you to automatically allocate items quantity from other lots in case the desired quantity is insufficient in a particular lot you selected. After enabling this option when you will go to the Sale Bill and create […]

GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple Print

Following GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple PrintingGST E-INVOICE ACK NOGST E-INVOICE ACT DTGST E-INVOICE IRN NOGST E-INVOICE QR IMG For displaying the QR Image of GST eInvoice add the field ‘GST E INVOICE QR IMG’. After adding the field, right-click in which you added the field, and then, click on the Embedded Image […]

Import Sale G.R. Details from Excel File

In the Enter G.R. Details – Grid Mode window, you can directly Import Sale G.R. details from Excel by setting the Entry type as Excel and then, selecting one option from Sale Bill Selection, Sale Challan Selection, or Sale Return Selection.