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Audit Trail In Logic ERP

An Audit Trail Report consists of a set of records that provides the details related to the sequence of activities performed by the users at any time that affected a specific event, operation, device, etc… From 1st April, every organization using accounting or ERP software must utilize the feature of recording audit trail for transactions […]

GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple Print

Following GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple PrintingGST E-INVOICE ACK NOGST E-INVOICE ACT DTGST E-INVOICE IRN NOGST E-INVOICE QR IMG For displaying the QR Image of GST eInvoice add the field ‘GST E INVOICE QR IMG’. After adding the field, right-click in which you added the field, and then, click on the Embedded Image […]

Introduction to New Logic Cloud Portal

New Updates on LOGIC Cloud Portal Logic is going to introduce its new Cloud Portal, which users can access in the next update. Watch the following video to go through the features that this new update will comprise of:

How to Setup LogicMobile POS on Windows 10?

System Requirements ->Dot Net Framework 4.5 should be installed on the machine for running Mobile POS. ->IIS (Internet Information Services) should be installed on the machine. ->SQL Server as a backend database. For IIS installation help, please refer the following link: HOW TO INSTALL IIS ON WINDOWS 10? Installing Logic Mobile POS on Windows 10 […]