GST10 Videos

New GSP added for E-invoice

A new GST Suvidha Provider, Texilla (Adaequare Information Pvt. Ltd.) has been added for e-invoice. So now we have two GSPs for e-invoice operations. Follow the steps given below for settings of new GSP : Step-1: Register Go to the E-way bill portal and login to your account. Then go to Registration -> For GSP. […]

GST E-Invoice without API

E-Invoice System has been enabled for taxpayers with a turnover of more than 20 crores in the previous financial year. This system is live and implemented by the government. It is compulsory for the clients with a turnover of 20 crores or more than that. The following tutorial shows how you can create E-Invoice without […]

GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple Print

Following GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple PrintingGST E-INVOICE ACK NOGST E-INVOICE ACT DTGST E-INVOICE IRN NOGST E-INVOICE QR IMG For displaying the QR Image of GST eInvoice add the field ‘GST E INVOICE QR IMG’. After adding the field, right-click in which you added the field, and then, click on the Embedded Image […]

Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number

Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number Added: Whenever a supplier transports multiple consignments of goods in a single vehicle, a consolidated e-Way bill is required that is generated from Govt. Portal. Logic has introduced a new feature to Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number. You can now generate consolidated e-Way Bill number from the software. Main […]

GSTR Account Posting In Journal Voucher

Option introduced to Enter Accounting Voucher of GSTR in Journal Vouchers: GST has become a very important part of business accounting. We have introduced a new feature in our software using which you can retrieve GSTR summary directly in journal voucher for posting in accounts and transfer GSTR liabilities to payable accounts. Main Menu: Accounts> […]