GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple Print

Following GST e-Invoice fields added in Sale Multiple PrintingGST E-INVOICE ACK NOGST E-INVOICE ACT DTGST E-INVOICE IRN NOGST E-INVOICE QR IMG For displaying the QR Image of GST eInvoice add the field ‘GST E INVOICE QR IMG’. After adding the field, right-click in which you added the field, and then, click on the Embedded Image […]

Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number

Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number Added: Whenever a supplier transports multiple consignments of goods in a single vehicle, a consolidated e-Way bill is required that is generated from Govt. Portal. Logic has introduced a new feature to Generate Consolidated GST e-Way Bill Number. You can now generate consolidated e-Way Bill number from the software. Main […]

GSTR Account Posting In Journal Voucher

Option introduced to Enter Accounting Voucher of GSTR in Journal Vouchers: GST has become a very important part of business accounting. We have introduced a new feature in our software using which you can retrieve GSTR summary directly in journal voucher for posting in accounts and transfer GSTR liabilities to payable accounts. Main Menu: Accounts> […]

Changes in GST Returns Configurations

Changes in GST Returns Configurations: A few changes have been made in GST Returns. You can set the Gross Turn Over Previous Value and Current Year Turn Over Value in Configuration. If you defined this value, it will be automatically picked up in GSTR-1 Return Viewer. If you want to make any changes in the […]

A new option added to Generate GST e-way Bill Number for Job Work

A new option added to Generate GST e-Way Bill Number for Job work: As per GST provisions on e-way bill, e-way bill must be generated by every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding fifty thousand rupees even in cases where such movement is for reasons other than for supply. A new option […]