August-2018 (Week 1)5 Videos

Option added to not allow Modification or Deletion in Bank Receipt, Bank Payment and Journal Voucher of Cleared Cheques

Option added to not allow modification in Vouchers of Cleared Cheques: A new option is added in the software to prevent modification or deletion of Bank Receipt, Bank Payment and Journal Voucher cheque if once entered as cleared cheque. LOGIC> Logic Admin> Setup User/Company Wise Global Settings Global Settings window will appear on your screen. […]

F4 enabled to move cursor to the Quantity Column

F4 enabled to Move Cursor to the Quantity Column: A new keyboard shortcut added in the sale bill. By pressing F4 while scanning or adding items in Sale bill, you can move your cursor to the Quantity column of last entered/ scanned item from Keyboard without using mouse. This option is given to ensure more […]

Features Addition in Reports

Features Addition in Reports: 1. Report: Scheme Campaign Wise Closing Stock Column attributes Added: MRP, DATE FROM, DATE TO 2. Report: Sale Order+Delivery Order+Sale Bill/Challan History  Column attributes Added: TYPE OF ORDER, DELIVERY NOT BEFORE, SO TRANSPORTER, DO PACK, DO PENDING PACK, SO PENDING PACK, GR NO (LR NO), GR DATE (LR DATE), DISPATCHED PACK, DELIVERY MAN, DELIVERY NO., […]

Feature added in Journal Voucher- Pick Tax A/c Auto from Tax Master

Feature added in Journal Voucher to Pick Tax A/c Auto from Tax Master: Journal Vouchers (Sale/ Sale Return and Purchase/ Purchase Return) can be used to automatically apply GST Tax in transactions. When you select Sale account, it will automatically pick and calculate percentage of CGST and  SGST tax account. For example you have selected […]

DL Expiry Date added in Account Search

DL Expiry Date added in Account Search:  Generally Pharmaceuticals, Chemists, Fertilizers, Distribution and C&F companies require to manage their stock items with manufacturing and drug license number and expiry dates.  LOGIC has introduced a new option in Account Search of Sale bill for DL Expiry Date. You can mention Drug License Expiry date while creating a new […]