December-2018 (Week 1)4 Videos

Party Groups Option Added in Branch+Party+Item Group Wise Defaults

New Dropdown Option Added In the Branch+Party+Item Group Wise Defaults, there’s a new option now in the dropdown list i.e., “Party Groups.” Also, when you click the “Copy Defaults” button, you will see the same changes in the dropdown list, next to “Select Branch” check-box.

New Update in Customer + Item Wise Sale History Form

New Update for Sale Wise Configuration in Customer+Item Wise Sale History In the Customer + Item Wise Sale History Form, there are new updates in its Configuration Window. To view these changes, follow the given steps: Step:-1 Go to Sale Return and generate the bill for a particular account/party. Step:-2 Add the item, and Customer + […]

TDS Rounding Feature Added in Purchase Voucher Configuration

New Update in Purchase Voucher Configuration Settings A new dropdown list added in Configuration Settings of Purchase Voucher i.e., TDS Rounding. You can select any option from the list, as shown in the figure below:-

New Update in Credit Card Details Window to make Payment

Multi-Card Payment Feature Added in Sale Bill Payment Window Now you can select any card from the list to accept payment from the customer. In the List, all the Credit Card Name will appear which you added in the system. The figure given below will provide you with a clear picture of this update. There […]