June-20186 Videos

Option added to Allow Item selection in Purchase Challan Retrieval

A new option added to Allow Item selection in Purchase Challan Retrieval through Purchase Configuration. It lets you select items while retrieving Purchase Challan. Main Menu> Purchase> Purchase Voucher Purchase Voucher form will appear on your screen. Click on the configuration button from the top left option. Now, click on Other Settings-1. If you want […]

User Wise Back Date Entry and Modification Locking

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of any business. LOGIC Software understands and works consistently to enhance the security of data. Until now we can only set Back Date Entry and Modification Locking at the branch level. Now, We have added a new option to Set Back Date Entry and Modification Locking User […]

Job Worker Bill Feature Addition in Purchase Voucher without Stock Effect.

In Production, specially for Job work / Outsourced production processes, there was an intense need by accounts for control over job worker’s bill against specific production process / job order with qty and rate so as to restrict loopholes for repeated bills from job workers against same work, mistakes in passing bill for excess qty […]

New Features Added in Item wise Schemes

Until now Setup Item Wise Schemes works item wise only (i.e. you have to define scheme for individual items). But now, we have added and option to configure same scheme Group Wise. We have also added an option to set Conversion Factor ( C.F.) in same scheme. You can now define slabs on the basis […]

Bill To/ Ship To Settings in LOGIC

Every business has unique requirements and LOGIC puts its best foot forward to satisfy them in the best way. We have introduced a new option to select Different Billing and Shipping information (Bill To/ Ship To) in Sale Bill if needed. For Example: You are a party of Delhi(A/c Entry Customer) and you ordered items […]