May-20185 Videos

Setup and Generate Credit Note for Scheme against Sale

A credit note is also known as a credit memo, which is short for “credit memorandum.” This is a commercial document that the supplier produces for the customer to notify the customer that a credit is being applied to the customer for various reasons like; to give a discount on the invoice, you can simply […]

Financier Details option added in Sale Challan

Financier Details option added to Sale Challan:  Financiers play a pivotal role in the operations and success of most businesses. So keeping a record of financier will give you fast access to business finance solutions and available working capital to help the long-term stability and growth of your business. A financier allows your customers to buy an item […]

Feature Addition for Bundle Creation Process – Production

Bundle Creation Process – Production: Especially in Undergarment Production units, Bundle movement processes are observed, where finished garments are made in sets/packing of 3, 6 and 12 or as required. Before cutting there is a process which will give average no. of pcs which can be made from fabric but this process is usually not […]

Party+Item Group Default for PL Element Log Report

Party+Item Group Default for PL Element Log Report: This option lets you create a log report for Party and Item Group dor Price List Element. It will create a log report of Price List elements. If anyone changes the price list, the log will be created for it. It will show LOGIC USERNAME, Workstation Name, Log […]

Stockist to Retailer Stock Transfer Option Added

Stockist to Retailer Stock Transfer Option Added: Wholesale distribution is the process of selling products to retailers, who will then make the final sale. Wholesalers act as the retailer’s ‘buying agent’ and saves them from the trouble of searching out and assembling goods from several manufacturers. Sale of a wholesaler (Stockist) is the purchase of retailer. […]