November-2018 (Week 2)7 Videos

New Update In Sale Return For Managing Item Quantity

Updation in Customer + Item Wise Sale History Form In the Sale Return Window, a new update implemented for “Customer + Item Wise Sale History.” There are two columns to keep the items quantity level in check: 1. Adjust Quantity 2. Balance Quantity One key feature in this update is that you can’t increase the item […]

New Update For Merge Items In Sale Voucher Configuration

New Update in Setup Sale Configuration Earlier, there was a checkbox (Do not Merge Similar Items) to prevent the items from merging with a similar name. But now, LogicERP has introduced a new drop-down list “Merge Items” in Sale Voucher Configuration. The dropdown list offers the following functionalities: 1. You can merge the items having […]

Generating Sale Order Against Retail Customer Account

New Update in Sale Order Configuration In the Latest update of Sale Order, LOGIC ERP made some changes in its configuration. There’s a new option included in Sale Order Configuration i.e., “Generate Sale order Against Retail Customer Account.” After enabling this option, when you will create a Sale Bill for a customer, it will display […]

New Update In Journal Voucher Configuration

New Feature Added There’s a new feature introduced in Journal Voucher Configuration to ensure that the user enters HSN code when creating a Voucher Entry. Earlier, when the user creates the entry, and forget to enter HSN Code, the voucher will still generate. So, to prevent this, you can select an option in Configuration Settings i.e., […]

Automatically Retrieve Order No. & Order Date In Sale Bill

New Map SO Fields In Sale Voucher Configuration When retrieving the Sale order in a Sale Bill, you may have noticed that it doesn’t display Sale Order No. & Sale Order date automatically. You have to manually enter the Order no. & Order Date, or Party Order No. & Party Order Date every time, which […]