Power Reports Option added in LOGIC Software

LOGIC has introduced a new feature in its software i.e. Power Reports. It makes easier for users to generate reports as the previous ways of creating reports were a bit time consuming. The following picture represents the loading screen of power reports window. LOGIC has provided various report options in this section which are used […]

View Report – New Update in Data Entry Grid Window

View Report option added in the Data Entry Grid window Let us take an example of Sale Bill window. You can see a new icon added as shown in the figure below: This option enables you to generate the side-by-side report for the items you sold. You can also keep track of the number of […]

Export/Import Configuration in Reports

Export/Import Configuration in Reports: You can now Export and Import Configuration of reports. It will make your reporting easier by simply exporting the configuration. You can import and export the Configuration in same report. For example: You can export and import configuration only if both are of Sale Register- Detailed.