September-20215 Videos

Link Ship From Address in Sale Bill

The era of e-commerce has allowed the billing and dispatch of goods to be done from different locations. Apart from e-commerce businesses, even large corporations do shipping of goods from a location that is different from the billing location. So, Logic ERP has added a new option of 'Ship From' in sale bill.

TDS Receivable Entry

Logic ERP has added a new option in Cash receipts and Bank receipts that will enable you to pass a TDS Receivable account entry.

New Options in Setup TDS Types

Users can now define the amount on which TDS will be applied, as per their requirement. Apart from this, one TDS type can be linked with another. This tutorial will brief you about the new columns that have been added in Setup TDS types in Logic ERP. 1.TDS under GST Step-1: Go to the Setup TDS […]

Setup Packing Box Master

A new option of 'Setup Packing Box Master' has been added in Logic ERP which allows you to maintain a proper record of the packing boxes by assigning barcodes to each one of them.