Create Quality Check Document for Purchase Vouchers

Earlier, it was not possible to create the quality check documents for purchase vouchers. To resolve this issue, LOGIC introduced a ‘Configuration’ option in QC Document against Purchase/Purchase Challan window. This option enables you to: Set Prefix for the QC Doc. Define Print Purchase and PU Challan QC. Define Godown Transfer Settings. For Godown Transfer […]

Split Items Stock between Multiple Godowns in one go

Earlier, when you had to split the item quantity between multiple godowns, you need to it separately for each godown in 'Stock Transfer - Godown Wise' window. As a result, it consumed a alot of your time. But now with 'Stock Transfer Godown Wise - Multiple Godowns' window, you can do so in one go.

Do Not Allow CD, TD, Sp CD for Sale/Sale Return

In the ‘Pack/Size details‘ of ‘Setup Items,’ three new options are added to not allow CD, TD, Sp. CD for sale and sale return. Even though you have defined CD, TD, or Sp. CD percentage for the item, when you select these new options, you can prevent them from implementing. See the picture below: