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Item C.F. option Added in Setup Targets

Item C.F. option Added in Setup Targets : Logic has introduced a new feature to setup target on the basis of Item C.F. Main Menu: Setup> Setup Targets

Apply Scheme Filters on Items in ‘Enter Item Other Details’ Window

There are multiple Scheme Filters added in "Enter Item Other Details" window, which you can use for displaying the list of items in a particular scheme category.

Configure Default Account Groups of Retail Customers

Earlier, when an account was created for a retail customer, then that account automatically goes into "Nil" account group.But now, you can set the configuration for Registered and Un-registered customers via new option added in Setup Retail Customer i.e., "Set Customer Configuration".

How to Create Item in LOGIC using Setup Items Multiple Pack/Sizes

This option describes the process of item creation in LOGIC using option ‘Setup Items Multiple Packs/Sizes.‘ This option is useful for creating items for FMCG, Pharma, F&B, and other industries where shades are not required. You can define multiple sizes for a single product with options like Rates, Weights, Conversion Factors, etc. for each size.