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Retrieve PO/DNO Purchase Voucher/Challan Details of Every Branch

New option added in Setup User/Company Wise Global Settings of Logic Admin to retrieve PO/DNO of multiple branches according to Branch Group Level-1.

Filter User Access Branches according to Current Branch Group Level

This new update will allow you to provide users with access rights of multiple branches according to Branch Group Levels.

Approve Documents via Logic Mobile App

Now you can approve the documents via LOGIC Mobile App also. There are two options added to the Setup Approvals window. These options will let you approve the documents via your LOGIC ERP App.

Audit System Added in User Access Section

Now, you can audit your Accounts Voucher, Bank Payments, Bank Receipts, etc. in an Audit System window. How to Retrieve Data in Audit System? Before you start with auditing process, you need to give Audit rights to a user and should have data to audit. You can do this in Setup Approval window. Select the event that […]