How To Enter  Bank Payments

How To Enter Bank Payments

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Bank Payments :

This form is used to enter payments made through bank. Payments made to Suppliers or for other expenses through check have to be entered here.


Header Details


Select Configuration : Select the configuration from the list.User can also set the default configuration for bank payments using Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.


Bank / Cash A/c : Select the bank / cash account from the list.User can also set the default account using Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.


Current Balance : It displays the current balance.


Voucher Date & No. : Enter the voucher date and voucher number.Voucher number can also be defined using Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.

Note : Columns for header details can be locked or unlocked using Column Locks from Other Options in the Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.

Account Details

Click on the Next button or press Alt+X to enter the details related to the account :-



Entry Mode : Select the entry mode from the list.


Account Name : To select the account name press the space bar > Account Search List window appears select the required account and press enter.It is mandatory to select the account name.


Amount : Enter the amount manually.It is mandatory to enter amount.


Discount : Enter the discount manually,It is an optional column.


Receipt Number : Enter the receipt number manually or select the pre defined receipt numbers if it is defined in the Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.


Narration : To select the narration press the space bar and select the narration from the list or narration can be carry forward as set in Cash Bank Voucher Configuration.


Adjust BR/BP : This allows you to adjust your payment or receipt against bill. This form allows you to select bills till the receipt / payment amount is adjusted.


DD/Cheque : Enter the DD/Cheque Number and date.


TXN Category : Select the Txn categories from the list.


Cost Center : To select the cost center press the space bar Cost Center Search List window appears,select the required cost center and press enter.


Agent Name : Select the agent name from the list.


Date Of Occurrence : Enter the date of occurrence manually.It can also be set according to the voucher date using Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.


TDS Entries : If you have selected an account which is linked to a TDS Type then you will be prompted whether to deduct TDS against this entry.

After entering the values click on Save button or press Alt+S to save the record.

How To Modify a Voucher

In order to modify a voucher click the Modify button or press Alt+M > Cash / Bank Voucher Search window appears. Select the relevant voucher and click Ok. Make the necessary changes and click on Save Button.

Note : The modify button can be locked using Column Locked button in Other Options of the Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.

How To Delete a Voucher

The Delete button is active only in Modify Mode. Select the voucher you want to delete and click on Delete button or press Alt+D > Deletion dialog box appears click Yes to delete the voucher.


This option is used to print the document.Click the button or press Alt+R > Print window appears click Yes in order to view the print pre-view.The settings related to print is done using Print Options tab in the Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration.


Narration Formula On/Off

If user can define the narration formula in the Cash/Bank Voucher Configuration then it is automatically remains On.Press F6 to OFF the narration formula,then user can define narration formula manually and the symbol disappears.


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