Setup Discount Coupons

Setup Discount Coupons : Introduction to Setup Discount Coupons.

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Setup Discount Coupons: This form allows you to create discount coupons. These discount coupons can be issued various retail customers and can be redeemed in Sale Bill.


Batch Entry

Multiple discount coupons can be created a one go.

Disc Coupon Pre-Fix : It is a character pre-fix to a discount coupon ,so that the series of discount coupons started with the allocated character.

Disc Coupon Number : Enter the discount coupon number manually,It is a mandatory column can't be left blank.Discount coupon number can never be zero.

Min Amount : Enter the Min amount manually,it is an optional column can be left blank.

Discount(%) : Enter the Discount(%) manually,It is a mandatory column can't be left blank.


Edit Entry

Select Discount Coupons : To select the discount coupons check the box > Discount Coupon Search dialog box > select the required coupons > click ok.To display the selected discount coupons in the grid click Refresh button.



Save : Used to save the changes made by the user.Click > Save dialog box > click Yes to save the changes.


Save Dialog Box

Close : Click to exit.

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