Setup Item Shade / Size Wise

Setup Item Shade / Size Wise : Introduction To Setup Item Shade / Size Wise.

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Setup Item Shade / Size Wise : To create Setup item shade/size wise follow the under mentioned steps : -


Select the Setup > Setup Items > Setup Items Shade/Size Wise form.



Setup Item With Shades and Sizes window appears.

3. This form is used to define the packs ,sizes and shades to the items.The form contains three main parts : Item Details,Company and Pack / Sizes, Shades and Groups.


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Item Details ( Alt+I )

This section contains the details related to the items :


Item Name : Select the Item Name from the list,it is a mandatory column can't be left blank.


Finished/Raw : Select the type from the list.It is an optional column.


Item Image : If user want to link the picture with Item then click on the Item Image button > Item Image dialog box appears > select the style from the list and provide the path of the picture > click ok or press Alt+O.It is an optional column.


Group Name : Select the Group Name from the list.It is an optional column.


Group Button : Used to select the groups under Group Level1 and Group Level 6.Click Ok or press Alt+O.


Godown Name : Select the Godown Name from the list.It is an optional column.


Weight / Unit : Enter the Weight or unit of the item manually.It is an optional column can be left blank.


Weight In : Select the units for weight from the list.


Rates : Enter the rates related to the item.Here user can define Basic Rate,Sale Rate,Purchase Rate,MRP and five other special rates related to the items.


Size Diff (Rs) : It is the difference in the rates according to the size of the Items.


Taxes For Sale : Assign the sale tax for the Item from the list.It is an optional column.


Taxes For Purchase : Assign the purchase tax for the Item from the list.It is an optional column.


Item Description : Enter the description related to the items in the text box.

Company and Pack / Sizes ( Alt+Z )

In this section select the company name and select the sizes.


Filter Company : Enter the first character by which you want to filter company names and press enter.

Filter Sizes : Enter the first number or character by which you want to filter the sizes and press enter.

How To Create New Pack/Size : In order to create new pack/size press F2 > Setup Pack/Size dialog box appears,

enter the pack name and pack short name and click Ok or press Alt+O.


Shade and Group ( Alt+G )

In this section Shades are defined for the item.Select the shade from the list.The Shade list can be view in two ways :

i) Shade+ Shade Short Name

ii) Shade Short Name+ Shade


Filter Shades : Shades list can be filtered according to the number or character enter by user in Filter text box .

How To Define New Shade : In order to define new shade press F2 > Setup Shade dialog box appears enter the Shade Name,Shade Short Name and click Ok or press Alt+O.

After entering all the information click on Save button or press Alt+S in order to save the record.Click Close button or press Alt+C in order to exit from the window.


Click on Preview button or press Alt+P in order to view the preview of the selections.Click Close button to return to the main window.



Click on button or press Alt+N > Configuration dialog box appears > check the boxes according to the requirements and click Ok or press Alt+O.


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