Define Multiple Price List

Define Multiple Price List

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Multiple Price List : Used to define the different price list for different people which can be from different locations / taxes.

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This form is used to define the expenses and to define the formula's related to the expenses.


How To Define Expenses

Enter the expense name in text box and click Next button or press Alt+N.Click on Save button or press Alt+S to save the record.

Navigations : Previous or Alt+P,Last or Alt+L and First or Alt+F are the navigation buttons.

Delete Line : Used to delete the expense from the list.Select the required Expense from the list click on Delete Line or press Alt+D to delete the record.

How To Define Formula's


In order to define the formula select the following values :

Configuration : Select the configuration from the list.Without selecting Configuration you can not able to define Formula.It is mandatory to select configuration.

Expenses Order : All the expenses defined are displayed in the List of Expenses list.To set the order of expenses use the buttons.

Base Rate : Select the base rate from the list.It is amount which is taken as base to define the formula.

Rounding : Set the rounding required for the final rate.The choice is between Rupee Rs 0.50 to Rs 5.

Rate Decimal Places : Set the decimal places for the rate.

Basic/Cumulative : These options allows the user to set the how this expense is to be calculated :


Basic : means calculation will be performed on the Base Rate for all expenses.


Cumulative : means that the calculation will be performed on the amount calculated just before this expense.


At Position No. : means the calculation is to be performed on the amount at the position specified.

For Example : i) Let the CST is first the Expense

Base Rate is 100

Calculation is cumulative

Default value is 10 % and Value is Subtracted(-).

Rate = 100*10/100=10.

then Base rate for Scheme Expense(which is next in the list) becomes =100-10

= 90.

ii) Now for Scheme expense the Base Rate =90,Default value is 5% and Value again Subtracted(-)

Rate= 90*5/100=4.5.

then Base rate for Dist Margin = 90.0-4.5

= 85.5

Default Value : is the value of the expense. All values are in percentage.

Plus(+)/Minus(-) : can be set for each default value for specifying whether amount is added(+) or subtracted(-).

Related Field : Select the field which is considered as the base for defining formula.If related field is select then need not to define the Basic Rate.

After defining all the values click ok or press Alt+O > Information dialog appears click ok to save the formula.Click Close or press Alt+C to exit.

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