Multiple Price List

Multiple Price List

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Multiple Price List : Used to define the different price list for different people which can be from different locations / taxes.


Multiple Price list can divide into four parts : Large Format Stores(LFS),Multiple Brand Outlet(MBO),Franchise and Exclusive Brand Outlet(EBO).


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For Example :-


Company is exploring several possibilities for even greater expansion. Company has sold item to a single customer segment, which is the retail store. However, a new strategy is taking shape that expands the company’s customer base and includes adding two new customer segments: government agencies and not-for-profit organizations.


Company knows that government agencies purchase infrequently, but in much greater volume than retail store customers.


Similarly, not-for-profit organizations purchase less often but in much greater quantity than retail stores, although the quantities are typically less than government agencies.


Company wants to increase sales for these new customer segments because of the great opportunity for increased revenues. Therefore, Company  will maintain separate price lists for all three customer segments. The three separate customer segments and price per unit are as follows:


Customer Segment and Pricing

Customer Segment


Price Per Unit

Retail Stores



Not-For-Profit Organizations



Government Agencies



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