Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

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Setup Gift Vouchers : In order to create the gift vouchers follow the under mentioned steps :-


Click the Setup menu and select the Setup Customer Database option from the list.


In the new window click the Setup Customers option.


Select the Setup Gift Vouchers from the list as shown in the figure.


4. Setup Gift Vouchers window appears.

5. This form allows you to define Gift Vouchers. The gift vouchers so defined can be given clients for Cash or as Free Gifts. The Gift Vouchers so issued can be redeemed in Sale Bill.

gf2 copy

Batch Entry

Multiple Gift Vouchers can be defined here at one go.

Gift Pre-Fix : It is a character pre-fix to a gift ,so that the series of gifts started with the allocated character.

Number : Enter the gift number manually,It is a mandatory column can't be left blank.Card number can never be zero.

Amount : Enter the amount manually,it is an optional column can be left blank.

Account Name : To select the account enter any character > Account Search List dialog box > select the required account press enter.

gf1 copy

Edit Entry

Select Gift Voucher : To display the gift vouchers in the grid click Refresh button.

gf3 copy

After creating Gift Vouchers select the option Cash Receipts.

gf4 copy

Following Cash Receipts window appears.Enter the Header details and click on Next.

gf5 copy

Enter the Amount of the Gift Voucher and press F3.

gf6 copy

Following window appears after pressing F3.Select the particular Gift Voucher and click Ok.

Note : User can select only one Gift Voucher at a time.

GF8 copy

If account name is not selected then press space bar to select the Account Name .

gf7 copy

Pink color indicates that the Gift Voucher is allocated against the amount.

GF9 copy

Now select the Sale Bill option.

GF10 copy

Enter the Header details in order to create a new bill.

GF11 copy

Enter the Item Details and press F3.

GF12 copy

Following Multiple Payment Mode window appears.To select the Gift Voucher click on Gift Voucher button or press Alt+G.

GF13 copy

Select Gift Voucher as shown below.

Note : User can select multiple gift voucher.

GF14 copy

Selected Gift Vouchers will be displayed.Click Ok.

GF15 copy

Following window give the details of the gift voucher amount and the payable amount.Click on Save.

GF16 copy

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