Issue For Processing - Internal

Issue For Processing - Internal

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Issue For Processing - Internal : We start the production by creating an Issue against the job order. Follow the under mentioned steps :-

Select the Issue For Processing - Internal from production menu as shown in figure.

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Here we define configuration as Issue For First Process and whether the processes External or Internal by selecting Worker / Party.


If process is Internal we select Worker.If it is External we select Party.

For Example : It is not carried out in the company premises or given to some another person for processes who is not among the employees then we have to select Party Name.


Click on Process which will open a new form.Select the process which is to be carried out.


We can also skip a particular process( a process which is not compulsory) by selecting the option " Job Work Processes".

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5. Click the Process Selection button to select the process.

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6. Click on Search button.

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