Set Customer Points Configuration

Set Customer Points Configuration : Introduction to Set Customer Points Configuration.

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Set Customer Points Configuration : This form is used to set the customers points on the basis of amount earned by them.The amount earned by the customer may consist of many items.These items are selected by clicking the Amount For Value Calculation button.This form also contains the detail of the minimum points required for redemption and value per point.If the external databases(By external databases we means the different showrooms of the same company) are used then provide code for External Database so that the points are recognizable from where they are obtained.


Points Earning

Rs : It is the amount earned by the customer.This amount may be gross total or sum of other items available in the Amount For Value Calculation.On this amount customer will get the points.

Points : The points obtained by the customer on the amount.If the customer obtained minimum points then customer will get the redemptions.

Minimum Points Earned For Redemption : It is the minimum number of points that must be obtained by the customer to get redemptions.


Points Redemption

Value / Points(Rs) : It is the value of a obtained point.

Setup Bonus Points Slabs : Used to set the Bonus Points on the Obtained points.Click button > Setup Bonus Points Slabs Form appears > enter the Point Slab and Bonus Points manually,Point Slab is a mandatory column but Bonus Points is an optional column.


Implement Points System In Billing : If the points system is implemented to the billing then check the box.

External Points Database Settings

This is used only when dealing with external databases.

Unique Code For External Points Database : Enter the unique code for external database.It is the identity code allocated to every external database.It helps in identifying the external database from where the points are obtained by the customers.

External Database Settings : Select the External DB from the list.

External Points Database : To select the external database from where the points are obtained click the button select the server and then the external database.



Save : Used to save the changes made by user.Click button > Save dialog box > click Yes to save the changes.


Save Dialog Box

Close : Click to exit.

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