Accepting Credit Card & Cash Card At Same Time For Payment

Earlier when a customer has to make payment for his/her purchased items, he/she can only use either a cash card or credit card. This made customer’s difficult to divide their payment between multiple payment modes. Also, the cashier can accept only one payment mode at a time.

The following image displays an old version of bill payment window:

Old Payment Method

The figure shows that if a customer chose to pay via cash card, then they can’t use a credit card at the same time. Similarly, if they decided to pay via credit card or any other payment mode, then they can’t use the cash card. But that’s not the case anymore.

New Option Added In Logic Admin

With the new update made by LogicERP in the Logic Admin section, you can use the credit card, cash card, and other payment options simultaneously. To use this feature, you need to enable a new option added to the POS Options.

Step-1 Go to Logic Admin.

Step-2 In the ‘POS Options,’ you will see a new option added i.e., “Allow Multiple Payment Mode in case of Cash Card.”

Step-3 Enable this option.

New update in Logic Admin


After enabling this option, you need to restart the software to use this feature in the Billing Section.

In the Billing section, when you will go to Sale Bill to accept payment from the customer, you will see that the system can now accept multiple payment modes. It means that if a customer wants to divide his/her payment between multiple options, then you can make it happen now.

Using Multiple Payment Modes

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