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  • What do you mean by ERP?

    Enterprise Resource Planning, a cross functional integrated system that assists you track, plan and manage your business well. This system integrates the whole functioning of the business and make it work as a single functional unit. It is a standard program to regulate different processes of an Enterprise system well.

  • How ERP system can help my business?

    ERP systems help organizations to have greater insight and visibility into their different organizational operations. It permits you to have a 360 degree view of your entire business. Our software will help you to get a higher level of customer satisfaction by improving the flow of the process. You will not encounter accounting errors anymore.

  • How do you provide License of your Software?

    Like all other ERP software, our software is not sold, we only provide license for it. You can get the license of the software on the basis on account of the user. That means, we provide you the license and you can use it on specific number of instances. Annual Maintenance Charges are deducted for updates and installments after completion of the year.

  • What supported platforms are required for your software?

    Our system works well on the Windows based operating systems. The big name of Microsoft is enough to prove the scalability, security, flexibility and authentication for your system. We also incorporate the latest technologies for the development of various modules.

  • How LOGIC ERP is better from its competitors?

    What makes us better than our rivals is the different approach for different verticals and modules. We believe in dealing with the customer directly to provide the high quality services up to great folds. Our software is one-size-fit that is best fit for all. Whether you are a small company or a large-sized enterprise, we can serve you superior software with the best technical support available.

  • How long does an ERP implementation takes?

    Our implementation process is quite fast. The implementation can be affected by a number of factors that include customization, customer resource time, hardware & software availability at customer's end and Testing.

  • What types of verticals currently use this software?

    Our software is used by a wide range of industries. Equipped with an in-house workforce of well-trained individuals, their unique skill sets to troubleshoot any issues or challenges in the most straightforward and scalable fashion, has earned Logic successfully serve one of the leading names of the world in following verticals:

    1. Apparel & Footwear
    2. FMCG
    3. Pharma
    4. Electronics & Telecom
    5. Wellness
    6. F & B
    7. B2B
    8. B2C
  • Can it handle Multiple-Branches, Multiple-Stores and multi locations?

    Yes, our ERP software provides a great flexibility that you can use it for your multiple-Branches, multiple-stores and multi locations easily.

  • Is your Software scalable? How many users it provide?

    Yes, our software is completely scalable whether it is about database or demand according to the user. We offer users on the account basis. It is completely customizable too.

  • How Robust and Secure your application is?

    We assure for higher level data security to the most significant assets of customers. Our experts provide a tailored, cost-effective solution to make your data and information secure under our custody. We are proud to say that we respect your confidentiality.

  • What database engines are required for LOGIC ERP software?

    LOGIC ERP software runs on MS SQL Server and MS-Access.

  • Can I buy an individual module?

    Yes, you can buy a certain module of software according to your needs and budget. Our software caters its services to businesses with any size and requirements.

  • How can I get a Free Demo of the software?

    We provide a Free Demo of our software. You can click on the 'Free Trial Version' link on the top and get a free demo of your software. Also, you can fill the Inquiry form in the Contact us page to subscribe your free demo of the software.

  • Do you provide technical support in my local area?

    Yes, we have a strong technical support team for any customer issue that occurs. We provide technical support and maintenance directly from our end. When a customer call our online support, they talk directly to our technical support experts. We mainly offer online support but, as per client's requirements, we offer client by one of our best support executive.

  • How is the software priced?

    Well, the price of the software depends upon the kind of solution or module you buy. While, we cannot mention any particular figure about a specific module on our website, but we can proudly say that we offer most affordable solutions with respect to quality.

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