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An Integrated Cloud-Based Solution to Serve your Pharma Retail, Wholesale & Distribution Business Needs
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A GST-Ready Cloud-based & On-Premises ERP Solution for Pharmaceuticals Industry

Pharma Cloud-based or On-Premises ERP software makes it easy to hand inventory/stock management, order management, billing, sale/purchase etc. Keep track of pending prescription updates, stock levels, expire stock alerts and much more.

Prevent dead-stock, run customizable reports, track inventory levels and accept multiple payments via multiple modes with LOGIC cloud-based or On-premises POS software. Run multi-customers billing at the same time on a single system.

Try a demo of Pharma Software, Pharma Retail and Wholesale Software, Pharma Billing Software and analyze the changes and optimization you can bring into your business.

Benefits - By Verticals

  • Reliable lot and tracking solution.
  • Effective batch sizing and scaling.
  • Batch wise rate and stock.
  • Batch wise expiry and allots.
  • Barcoding of products as per OEM, as well as 2D concept.
  • Tracking of damage stock and return.
  • MR wise doctor visit records.
  • Party wise payments terms settings.
  • Probation for customer wise product pricing.
  • Party wise credit limit, bill limit.
  • Billing law process.
  • Multiple packaging concepts, box, dozens, strip, etc.
  • Multiple unit term measurement, tablets, bottle, strips, pcs.
  • Substituent products, concepts as per WHO policy.
  • Composition capture facility.
  • Narcotics/antibiotic product selling, with respect to doctor prescription for retail, drops billing, handling.
  • For retail, billing reference to doctor prescription.
  • Doctors detail capturing, as well as patients
  • Prescription reminder for retail billing.
  • Prescription and OTC medications and custom features.

Benefits - By Industry

Pharmacy and Chain of Medical Stores
  • Cashier "Touch Screen"

    POS Touch Screen is enabled to reduce the amount of time required to train new cashiers, saving you costly payroll.

  • "Easy Read" Customer Display

    LOGIC Pharma "Easy Read" Customer Display is designed to allow the customer to clearly see items being scanned. No clutter—Big Bold Print.

    Improves customer relations and store integrity.

    May be installed remotely anywhere on the grocery check stand for maximum visibility.

  • Prescription Tracker for Bulk medicine selling to consumers

    The life- style disease prescription is repetitive in nature. It may be weekly or monthly consumption. Thus LOGIC ERP provides prescription tracker and reminder for shop managers and billing department.

  • Cash Card and Layaways

    Pharmacy or Superstores mostly take orders with payment as advance. Hence billing will be getting adjusted on advance. Now a day’s grocers provides cash card to customers get it charged and order and purchase with tender to cash card.

  • Home Delivery Bill and Home Delivery Counter.

    Usually superstores/pharmacy have their home delivery counter separate which accepts order both for home delivery by walk-in customers as well as online or telephonic orders.

    Similarly vegetables or fruits purchases in bulk in weight and packed to small packets to sell scanning by barcode at POS.

  • Loyalty and Gift Voucher

    Complete and paperless loyalty program is boosting the customer retention as well as foot fall.

  • Multiple Payment / Tender Acceptance

    Though Layaway is integrated, multiple payment modes like cash, credit card, credit note, meals voucher even if cheque and cash card provide flexibility to grocers / supermarket owners for their collection.

  • Comprehensive Promotion and Scheme

    Supermarket always provide scheme on very versatile ways. Some time on from it‘s own responsibility some it is given from the manufacturers.

    In case of manufacturers/ parent company provides scheme it very cumbersome to handle it. The retailers or Distributors need to take care as below.

  • Multiple Shift and Shift hand over

    Logic ERP provides features to handle multiple shifts and its handovers to other shift in charges. Collections as well as Denomination tally strengthen the responsibility of shift change.

    • What is the budget given in term of value as well as quantity to them to pass on to consumers?
    • Some item is free or discounted on bulk purchase where as some on particular batch of items.
    • Scheme may be on carton/box or dozen wise purchases may not on PCS.
    • Scheme may on particular age of stock not all others.

    Here Logic ERP equipped retailers, pharmacy owners with such tools to handle the claim to suppliers.

Wholesale & Distribution
  • Safety Stock Calculation Based on Item Sold

    The Issue:

    In factories that process a large quantity of Items, it is too difficult to maintain the various levels of safety stock manually. The solution described here allows you to calculate safety stock for each Item in a controlled automatic manner. The calculation is performed on the basis of actual material sold or dispatched during a defined period, and includes the possibility of adding coefficients or manually revising recommended quantities.

    The Solution:

  • Preparing Barcode Labels in Bulk Before Goods Arrive

    When goods are received into inventory, a barcode label must be applied to each item before it can be distributed to stores. In order to save valuable time when receiving the goods and avoid distribution delays, you can run a simple program well before the goods are received, which sends the correct amount of labels for each Item directly to a label work area, according to the itemized vendor invoices linked to a given shipping voucher.

  • Using Handheld Devices to Determine Outstanding Debts

    Companies whose sales reps circulate in the field with handheld devices can provide their reps with comprehensive data regarding a customer's debts. Once a day, the device can be loaded with up-to-date detailed information regarding open invoices, post-dated checks, etc.

  • Receiving Orders Using Handheld Devices

    Field/Sales Agents: Receiving Orders & Reporting Customer Returns Using Handheld Devices.

    LOGIC ERP's POS utility is designed for working online or offline, to pass information back and forth regarding sales orders and customer returns. The module provides sales reps with up-to-date details regarding Items a customer is interested in, unpaid bills, and more.

  • Delivery Scheduling to Chain Stores Using a Fleet

    • Planning and Execution of Delivery Scheduling to Chain Store Branches Using a Fleet of Vehicles.
    • LOGIC ERP's Delivery Scheduling module enables you to Set up distribution routes and arrange order delivery by date and route.
    • Manage a fleet of vehicles, defining weight and volume capacity.
    • Automatically assign vehicles by date and distribution route, controlling for weight/volume limitations.
    • Prepare order pick lists according to distribution route.
    • Produce sales invoices and shipping documents per distribution route.
  • Order Delivery Using External Logistical Center Resources

    Customer's orders are rerouted for delivery from the logistical centre. When orders are delivered, pick lists are imported directly from the logistical centre, thereby updating order and inventory balances and generating shipping documents and customer invoices.

  • Managing Permanent Storage Place-Rack and Bin Management

    Managing the permanent placement of each Item enables warehouse personnel to go directly to the permanent storage place for specific goods when they are issued or picked from inventory. Inventory management of this type is appropriate only for goods stored in a single permanent location in the warehouse, and not for goods which are stored in several alternate locations.

  • Managing Price Lists & Discounts by Customer Group

    Managing Price Lists & Discounts by Customer Group: maintaining a single entry for price lists and discounts for a customer group.

  • Linking various items to a party or customers

    LOGIC ERP contains an item per party form for listing the various items provided to a specific dealer , distributor or retailer. When selecting the party in sales documents, Choose lists include only those products that party requires, and not the entire item catalogue.

  • Customer Bonuses

    The bonus system in LOGIC ERP enables you to offer customers bonus Items when they order a certain quantity of a specific Products or Items belonging to the same Item family. There are two types of bonuses:

    • Regular bonuses are given upon purchase of a certain Item by some or all customers.
    • Special bonuses are defined for specific customers and are given to those customers only.

    You can define progressive bonuses based on quantity purchased, so as to increase the customers' incentive to purchase large quantities.

  • Automatic Scheduling of Item Delivery via Distribution Routes

    LOGIC ERP includes a program for automatic assignment of sales orders to distribution routes. The Schedule Deliveries program assigns sales orders to distribution routes based on the order supply date, delivery routing, delivery days defined for the customer, and the company's working hours. For an order to be included by the Schedule Deliveries program, it must have a status flagged in the Schedule Deliveries column of the Statuses for Orders form.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    This module supports optimization of the three basic operations of warehouse management:

    • Directed Picking
    • Directed Replenishment
    • Directed Putaway

    These are all subject to constraints defined in advance by the warehouse manager.

    You can also use this module to plan other routine warehouse tasks, such as inventory count, return to vendor, warehouse transfer, etc. For each warehouse operation recorded in this module, an appropriate inventory transaction document (e.g., shipping, sales invoice, or warehouse transfer document) is created, using built-in programs.

    The module interfaces with automated data collection (ADC) systems, and supports input of inventory data via handheld devices and other data collection tools.

  • Managing Special Offers for Your Customers

    LOGIC ERP's Special Offers module enables users to offer incentives to customers that purchase a designated amount of goods within a defined period.

    In the first stage, you assign a name, start and end dates, and LOGIC ERP to the offer (i.e., if two offers are defined for the same item or item family, the offer LOGIC ERP determines which one will be attached first to invoiced sales when the campaign is over). Later on, you can define a target quantity for the part, which the customer must purchase in order to be eligible for offer benefits.

    Alternatively, you can define a target sum; customers who purchase target items equalling this sum during the defined offer period will be eligible for benefits.

    Customer compensation can be according to any one of the following models:

    • Offered Products: Select a item and quantity to which the customer will be entitled if they meet the offer target.
    • Credit in Percentage of total purchases during the offer period: Determine the credit % which the customer will receive.
    • Fixed Monetary Credit for purchases made during the offer period: Indicate the amount of credit which the customer will receive.
  • Selling to Chain Stores

    Using the electronic data interchange (EDI) module, you can maintain a continuous dialogue with branches of a chain store. The module enables you to manage separate part numbers and packing units for your own company and for the chain branches.

  • Sales force management module (M.R Management)

    Manage all your sales force, medical representatives across the field with Sales force management module of Logic ERP. Key functionalities enable administrators at headquarters and service personnel at field to interact dynamically for efficient information exchange.

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