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LOGIC Enterprise-Core Order Processing Software

LOGIC ERP offers dynamic functionalities to generate and process business orders on the fly. LOGIC ERP Order Processing Software provides different types of sale order processing like sale orders from Point-Of-Sale, distributors, retailers or as Purchase Orders for stock refilling or as Job Orders for production planning and manufacturing


key Features

  • Bulk sale order creation through Excel
  • B2C sale order creation through API
  • Sale Order creation through purchase orders from retail stores/POS/branches
  • Purchase order creation through sale orders for stock refilling
  • Job order creation through sale orders for production planning
  • Sale order creation using advanced filters like recently ordered items, new introduced items, items ordered by other customers in the same area etc.
  • Sale order amendment history
  • Multi-level approval system for sale order validation
  • Reserve stock against sale orders
  • Delivery Orders against stock reserved
  • Pick list creation for stock retrieval
  • Stock scanning for packing against delivery orders / pick lists
  • Mobile app for stock retrieval against pick list
  • Direct packing slip creation against sale order without stock reservation
Order Processing
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