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LOGIC Apparel Solution: End-to-End Apparel Management Software for the Fashion Industry
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Garment Software: A comprehensive solution for your Garment Store

LOGIC ERP Apparel Software helps you to grow your business with speed. More and more Fashion & Footwear companies are relying on LOGIC Cloud-based & On-Premises AFS Solution to improve their business revenue, reduce costs, improve product quality, and stabilize growth. It is now one of the leading apparel retail & wholesale software.

With simple to use, understandable user-interface, innovative design offering a plethora of features, easy to integrate, configure, and reliable ERP software which enables you to handle the entire manufacturing process, reporting tools, flexible dashboards, performance analytics, and production tracking tools. LOGIC offers much more to help you streamline all the business operations and offers a better decision making to ensure profitability on tight margins.

Try a demo of Readymade Garment Software, Apparel & Footwear Software and you’ll see why cloud and on-premises services of LOGIC ERP for the garment industry are the most feature-rich and user-friendly fashion software.

The best-in-the-industry retail POS software enables you to perform multiple billing, take control over clothing inventory, and accept online payments for the customer’s orders. Not only has that, but the apparel inventory management system integration with POS software also allowed you to keep track of stock levels in real-time.

Apparel POS software by LOGIC ERP allows you to streamline the sales process at your apparel store, and you can efficiently and securely manage your customer’s order and payment details. The cloud-based & on-premises retail & garment shop software by LOGIC ERP allows integration between multiple departments at the apparel and garment store to enable communication among them.


LOGIC AFS is complete software solution for Apparel ,Footwear & Fashion , the best selling software with unmatched modular solution with powerful tools more over it takes care of each and every requirement of:

  • Retailer
  • Distributor
  • Manufacturer

It provides comprehensive solution for Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Order Management , Production , eCommerce , B2B and MIS Reporting.

Benefits - By Verticals

  • Item Matrix

    Fashion industry every article having multiple shade or color with multiple size or package. Thus the matrix truly is a short and best view and entry format for the style or article. As the MIS is always centered on style specific for the vertical /industry , the option is a really the best and unique differentiator factor offered by LOGIC ERP.

  • Item Category and Attributes

    Article and Material can be categorizes in different hierarchy or in tree structures. The individual attributes can be associated to article for better MIS. The Merchandise Plan drives by category concept. The plan , execution and analysis of merchandise is core functionality for RETAIL and Sales & Distribution this concern is addressed with innovative approach.

  • Ease and innovative Item Creation

    Article having multiple shade and size need to create in an single entry as MRP and all category and attributes are same for the matrix. Hence the tool is user friendly and best in it’s class to create.

  • Size wise Different MRP

    The Children -wear the MRP increases as size increases. Here can manage the cost even if for different sizes.

  • Multiple Bar-code and SKU

    Article can be associated with barcodes like EAN/GS1 . The comp`any can create their own pattern of barcode for the individual SKU(Stock Keeping Units). Article with a shade and size will formulate a SKU . As the Local /India , the sizes can be maintain as per the rules of unit of measure department. Supplier and Customers have their own barcodes , thus the challenge in order confirmation by the trader/ company addressed with a scalable approach . Here the trader also concerned how to absorb the OEM barcode provided by them. Thus all trader, customers and suppliers are integrated both forward and backward. Cost Changes or MRP changes , the barcode need to change even if precious item need to maintain with unique barcode now hassle free.

  • Item SET and THEME

    In today scenario the warehouse managers /in-charges are looking to captures the stocks as it is received in their location, Some time individual pieces, some time BOX, and some times in cartons. Here the challenge is not challenge at all . The predefine SET , THEME of Articles/Items can be BOXED or CARTONED with the unique barcodes . The same BOX or Carton barcode ease the both inward and outward process and it is great facility for stock audit.

Benefits - By Industry

  • Franchise & Master Franchise Management

    Retail Industry mostly franchisee oriented , the franchisee need the commission in today’s volatile business , some time in commission format, some time MG(Minimum Guarantee) or which ever is higher. Master Franchisee who manages a group of franchisee need the commission calculated . The challenge is very complex to calculate MG or Commission ,may be category based , may be different for different discounted stocks or articles.

  • Franchisee Agreement and Documentations

    The documentation and due diligent documents need to kept and moves through the process of authorization by senior or even if the higher management. The hassle free document management module handle the challenge.

  • Collection and Receivable integrated to Accounts

    The Accounts department in retail companies have an exercise to prepare the receivable from franchisees. The franchisees are in multiple and complex agreements , consignment agreement when changes to outright agreement , the billing , credit period , stock limits and preparation of receivables are mountaineering burden on Accounts Department. Here the question of Accounts team is really a matter to think as all the billing is with company , the retail sales of the franchisee again with the company for the replenishment help. Hence why not they can get a clarity on their finger tip , why they will calculate on excel and waste time and high man power resources. LOGIC stands with Accounts team shoulder to shoulder to lessen their burden.

  • Innovative Loyalty Points Administration

    Business demands profits, Loyalty Programs needs financial budget to run. Profitable Articles can be given more discounts and this discounts will be modified to loyalty engine just to attracts, retain the customers and enhances the Loyalty to lead a better brand awareness. Thus generalized customer centric loyalty points earning is gone years fundamentals. Current scenario demands merchandise category and demography specific loyalty management.

  • Proactive and Market Driven Promotions

    EOSS and festival specific promotion now on category specific. Many versatile and complex scheme on different permutation and combination of Sku or category across different localities and demography.

  • Attendance and Leave Tracking for All Remote Located Employees

    Now all tier III or tier 4 cities along with all tier I and II have great potential , even rural retail is a booming concepts. Above to these staff are spreading across country in all leading Large format stores as every brand manufacturer spreading their business horizon on shop in shop format. Thus a new upcoming challenge is in front of Payroll department , how track the attendance and leave processing with dully approved by respective senior sales staffs. LOGIC extends it payroll and leave tracking modules to the reach of these levels.

  • Centralized controlled Stock Auditing Item Category-wise

    The category heads in company are responsible not only for sales and procurement. They want the category need to audited geographical region wise or even store wise in a particular date and time. More importantly centrally controlled by them sitting from head office. The category must be forced for auditing and by no means store staff can avoid to do so.

  • Centralized Merchandise Replenishment Plan & Execution

    The fashion retail revolve around the nature of items, the most abundant natures are Fashion and Core Items. The of Merchandise starts with the Organization level Sales forecast based on statically formulation on historical sales data . The Forecast needed to be drilled down to sub organization level ( cluster and retail outlet level). Of course the drilled down must have a time parameter of year, half year, quarter even if the month and week to date basis approach to analyzes or targeted to achieve the plan. The organization or sub organization level capacity plan in term of merchandise category and sales trend need to scrutinize in vigil eye.Thus operational level plan need to be created and operationlise to achieve the plan . Hence the allocation plan and subsequent the replenishment plan need to be created to refill the requirement at Outlets/ Point of sales. Hence a consolidated allocation and replenishment will create an OTB(Open –To-Buy) plan.

Wholesale & Distribution
  • Booking Both Online & Offline

    Companies involves in distribution business keeps stocks at distributors side , they push the sales through their sales staffs. Here remote located staff need to see the item catalogue, need to maintain DSR and expenses sheet . More to these dealers and retailers now days want to view the item catalogue online and provide their order online, even if commission agent also looking to track their customers transaction with company. Some time company goes for order booking on exhibitions and Hotels, unable to carry all styles and category to display there. Hence challenges now on internet ages created how to handle such above requirements.

  • Size wise Entry & View

    As the business is all about the bulk quantity , here every entry ,view and printouts need to be on SIZE –wise. The matrix concept of articles /styles consolidates the style to color and to size level making SKU. Hence matrix is core of business drilling down to SKU and consolidating to category and sub category.

  • Allocation & Reservation of Stock Against Orders

    Manufacturer or trader wants to prioritizing customers because Stock In hand is less compare to pending sales order quantity. How can they distribute limited quantity where as demand is more. Want to prioritizing customers as per:

    • Payment Term
    • Credit Period
    • Experience of Payment and other if any
    • Festival period at territory of customers

    Here they can allocate or reserve the stock with manual interference. The automatic tools also help them to reserve automatic on the schedule they have defined.

  • Allocation or Hold

    The allocated or reserve stock needed some to hold or cancel. Here the facility is to hold particular item or category for a stipulated time period.

  • Smooth & Ease Goods Receipt & Rack / Bin Allocation

    Warehouse staff gets difficulties when they have pick list in hand. "What is the location", "What is the direction to get it", most importantly "Which lot they have to pick because multiple lot stocks are lying in different rack and bins". Facility to helping the inwards of inventory for right placing and suggesting for picking the stock ease the warehousing process and activities

  • OEM as well as Local Unit Of Measurement Department Wise Barcode Leveling

    Once the stock received from vender from domestic or international site here as per the local UOM the barcode must contain detail of item as per it. Hence re-barcoding is need for such situation. The most confused and cumbersome process of receiving stock, getting barcode printing and tagging sticker to it and simultaneously getting suggestion to place it on right rack and right bin, here is the experienced and most suitable facility in LOGIC ERP.

  • Retailer Wise Booking and Billing to Distributors

    The AFS vertical value chain is connected to each other. The all members in supply chain get rewarded and remunerated. Manufacturer wants demands item wise for retailers but want to invoice to distributors or channel partners. The flexibility in pick list creation and packing slip some time consolidated distributors wise and some cases retailer wise pick list., packing slip but billing consolidated distributor wise the demand of manufacturing business at warehouse level.

  • Commission Agent Tracking and Commission

    Above to Dealer / Distributor business, there more about sales agent like buying agent. The agents get their commission as per billing to retailers or distributors. The facility at Logic ERP calculate the commission report for them.

  • Bill of Material (BOM) Definition Route / Process Wise

    Garment production from finished fabric or grey fabric defined productions process /route wise. Generic definition of BOM for single unit of garment or batch-wise with batch Cost & quantity.

  • Hybrid Production Process

    Garment production now-a-days demands flexibility in process of production on both the process and discrete manufacturing. Logic ERP provides flexibilities for a hybrid production process as demanded by market. So LOGIC provides a customer centric approach for customer demand.

  • Made to Store

    With material requirement, planning and order raised to supplier, once goods received production process executed with reservation of those fabric. Here LOGIC ERP helps with Material Requirement Plan (MRP) module as well as Seasonal Plan module for the merchandising team to plan for what product they want to produce and the material required for the execution of production order or planned order.

  • Make to Order

    Demand of product need to produce with the stipulated time span. This is the concern of any garment company otherwise there is a loss of sales opportunity. The export order or order booked from booking across cities need to be plan for the production floor. Logic ERP facilitates creation of work order from plan as well as order booked.

    Logic Enterprise an extensive functionality to create purchase order with reference to job order / production order.

  • Localized BOM & Alternative Panna / Cut of Fabric

    Sometimes supplier unable to provide stock or fabric as per given purchase order. For example – fabric of 50 Panna/width was in purchase order but supplier provided 45 Panna/width based fabric thus consumption will be more. Here requisition created by production team will be as per BOM definition as Fabric of 50 Panna. But available stock is for 45 Panna. Here Logic provides localized BOM at particular production order to alternative available fabric and accessories.

  • Apparel Tech Pack - Technical Drawings & Measurement Charts

    Industry looking for the solution for their Techpack requirement. The technical drawings and measurement means a lot for production departments now and then also. The current guidance to cutting master for design /style will be more clarified if it is pictorially guided other than traditional narrations. More the reviews over the periods for the style about the technical drawing and themes equips the merchandisers to plan the improved design.

    Hence the inbuilt module of LOGIC ERP constantly helping and improving customers in above parts.

  • In-house Production or Job-working

    Production team wants to fulfill the order whether by in-house production or by job workers, it is the challenge for domestic garment sales and distribution. Logic extends the facility of both in-house and out-houses production i.e. job-working. A production order can be executed in-house as well as partially by job-workers, even if some process can be executed in-house and some can be by job-workers.

  • Bill Clearing & Account Payable of Job-Workers

    Job workers usually give bill consolidating for multiple job orders. It’s very difficult to handle their payment and Logic provides goods receipt on Challan from job-workers and bill clearing for multiple job-workers.

  • Product Costing, Production Time and Post Production Costing

    Product cost control is the concern and challenge for the management. High level management decided the standard cost of product & MRP of it. Here they need to compare production cost with post and pre production cost. As a responsive partner for their growth, Logic ERP facilitates these tools to the management.

  • No integration But As An Integral Module of ERP

    E-Commerce management team traditionally busy for un-useful and non-profitable activities of transactions and master entry in both ERP and E-commerce CMS, here LOGIC ERP automates the manual processes.

  • Unified Promotiona

    All POS and E-Commerce companies plan to extend their POS to epos. So customer expecting unified experience at all sales points. This is no more a challenge in LOGIC ERP.

  • B2B (Online Sales Order Booking)

    Now-a-days companies are expecting single vendor for all their business modules. Here Logic is extending its experiences and developmental resource to supply our customers’ expectations.

Shop In Shop
Shop in Shop functionality
  • Manage N number of SIS (shop in shop)
  • Invoicing of multi location
  • Inventory control
  • Return to store (RTB)
  • Reconciliation / Settlement
Business functionality
  • The purchase order of SIS customers will be enter as sales order for Company/ Vender.
  • The respective sales from company warehouse will be imported as purchase in SIS locations leading the stock.
  • Secondary sales or retail sales of SIS locations can be collected from SIS Company in a specified excel format and will be get imported to ERP for the Analysis only on stock or accounting reflection or entry will come.
  • Settlement file can be collected or ready to import to ERP and the respecting sale or sales return for the settlement month will be created for analysis.

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