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Fully Customizable ERP Software for Textile Manufacturing

Textile Manufacturing Software with comprehensive features like discrete and process manufacturing, multi-level BOM, cost management, MRP & merchandise planning, quality control, supply chain management, wastage control, reporting on mobile and much more

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key Features

Proficient Process Management

  • Sequential / Dependent Process Flows
  • Discrete / Parallel Process Flows
  • Assemble Process Flows
  • Mill Process Flows
  • Batch / Lot / Bundle Movement Process Flows
  • In House / Outsource or Job Working Process Flows
  • Process Rejection Study / Standard Instruction for Processes / Quality Control Parameter Setup
Proficient Process Management
Precise Inventory Management

Precise Inventory Management

  • Stock keeping -SKU code / Lot Or Batch / Unique Pcs / Carton Code / Set Code
  • Inventories with Different Batches / Barcoded / Non-Barcoded / Expiry / Waste / Return / Replacements
  • Warehouse Space Management- Rack and Bin as per Product Category (Qty and Volume Base)
  • Rack and Bin Auto mode/Manual mode for Put Away & Pick Up Suggestions with multiple matrix
  • Multiple Stock Categories with different product matrix
  • Stock Levels – Min / Max / Re-Order Levels
  • Vendor wise Purchase Orders from Stock Level Shortages
  • Process Department Wise Inventories
  • RM Issues to Processes Against Requisition Slip Generated from BOM
  • Stock Verification Model for timely Audits
  • Fabric Bale wise Inventories * For Garments
  • In and Out of Stock with Multiple Conversion Factor or UOM for single product

Configurable Bill of Material Management

  • Single Product BOM
  • Multi-Level BOM - Single Product linked with Multiple Sub Products with Individual BOM
  • BOM can be defined - Per Pcs / Any Batch or Lot Size as per Product
  • BOM with estimated raw material cost and variance
Configurable Bill of Material Management
Explicit Cost Management

Explicit Cost Management

  • Cost Per Product / Category
  • Cost Per Batch / Lot
  • Process Wise Cost Tracking
  • Process + Part Wise Cost Tracking
  • Piece Rate Employee Cost
  • Direct involved cost
  • In-Direct Costs
  • Waste / Return / Consumption Cost Control
  • Re-Working Cost
  • Projected Vs Actual Cost Comparison

Inch-Perfect Material Requirement Planning Management

  • Raw Materials Daily / Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Plans
  • Planning Based on Order Booking of Customers and Base Stocks
  • Automated Raw Material Calculations
  • Vendor wise Raw Material Lead time management
  • Integrated Vendor Communication Portal
  • Helps in planning and optimising the manufacturing capacity and material resources.
Material Requirement Planning Management
Supportive Merchandise Management

Supportive Merchandise Management

  • Deciding Product Priorities / Schedule for Production
  • Product Images and documentary storage
  • Tech Pack & Measurement Charts
  • E-Filling of Documents
  • Purchase Order Budget / Closing Stock Limit Control
  • Purchase Orders Linked with Work / Job / Production Orders

Intermingle Supply Chain Management

  • Sale Order Linking with Material Requirement Planning
  • Customer Order Tracking Production Stage wise
  • Better Customized Orders Handling
  • Real Time Commitment to Customers
  • Proper Control over Inventory from the beginning
  • Warehouse Space Management and Seasonal Planning
  • Price Fluctuations Study
  • Control Warehouse processes and manage movements
  • Respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand
Intermingle Supply Chain Management
Impeccable Insights

Impeccable Insights

  • A Consistent look and feel across modules from single platform
  • Reliable and Logical Futuristic Vision based on Data Analytics
  • Performance Study and Business Insights for better Decision Making
  • Vendor Portal / Customer Feedback System linked with Logic ERP creates in time communication.
  • Top to Bottom level transparency helps to pinpoint areas which needs immediate attention.
  • Tracking Cash / Raw Materials / Production / Customer Commitments and other important aspects of Business
  • Comparison / Competitive Studies through Customer Feedback
  • SMS Alerts and Approval for critical transaction or violation of Policy
  • Helps to Improve Production Strategy effectively
  • Utilization of Manpower and resources to Optimal Level
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions asked by our Clients

Textile Manufacturing ERP Software is a software application which helps Manufacturers of Textiles, Footwears, Shoes and other fashion and lifestyle related products etc. to opt for digitation of their records, reduce manual paperwork and run the businesses efficiently. Textile Manufacturing ERP Software also provides keen insights into your business which helps in taking timely decisions which result in cost saving and reducing overheads. Textile Manufacturing ERP Software helps the business manage discrete and process manufacturing, multi-level BOM, size, shade, and style wise inventory, MRP and merchandise planning, raw material management, cost control, quality control, order processing, warehouse & rack management, detailed reporting, and insights into your manufacturing process.

Textile Manufacturing ERP Software is mostly used by Manufacturers of Textiles, Footwear, Shoes and other fashion and lifestyle products. The management of the manufacturing processes like cost control, quality control, raw material etc. is very complex and to manage these manually is quite a tedious task. Then there is also the management of size, shade and style wise inventory, order processing, dispatch management, warehouse and rack management, timely replenishment of stock, BOM management, worker payroll management etc. which can only be done through a proper Textile Manufacturing ERP Software.

The benefits of a robust Textile Manufacturing ERP Software can have huge benefits for your business. It can bring many efficiencies into your business which may result in cost saving, reducing wastage, customer satisfaction, increase in business through timely replenishment of your inventory or stock. Some of the main benefits can be listed as below:

  • Accurate BOM definition to determine precise raw material requirement.
  • Planning of raw material requirements of timely placement orders with vendors.
  • Better inventory and stock management with size, shade, style & design wise product master.
  • Projected Vs Actual Cost Comparison.
  • Material requirement planning from sale orders received.
  • Flexibility of Batch / Lot / Bundle movement process flows.
  • Better control of Assembling and De-Assembling processes.
  • Track refilling of inventory through purchase orders management.
  • Maintenance of Tech Pack & Measurement Charts.
  • Weeding out of slow moving, low volume, and less profitable items.
  • Track product margins, pricing, schemes, discounts to get better deals from suppliers or vendors.
  • Helps manage the accounts, TDS, TCS, GST returns and other accounting related areas of the business.

To choose the right Textile Manufacturing ERP Software one needs to be aware of the following things:

  • The Textile Manufacturing ERP Software should fulfill the complete needs of your business and then some more.
  • The Textile Manufacturing ERP software should be in the latest technology that exists in the market. It should not be in some outdated technology which the latest operating systems like Microsoft Windows have stopped supporting.
  • The Textile Manufacturing ERP software or the application should be scalable i.e., it should perform the same way whether it is one user or a thousand users. It should be able to support and manage your data volume across multiple years.
  • Data accuracy is of paramount importance. The Textile Manufacturing ERP software should be able to present and maintain accurate and consistent data because you will be dependent on the software for all the compliances like billing, accounts, GST, inventory etc.
  • Fast, accurate and configurable reports are a very important part of the Textile Manufacturing ERP software. It should have an extensive reporting tool which covers each aspect and allow end user to create new reports as per requirement.
  • Security, audit, and logging. The Textile Manufacturing ERP Software should be secure enough to prevent unauthorized access, should allow audit of each transaction and should be able to maintain log of each activity in the application.
  • In today’s time, many companies are offering their software on the cloud. This removes the headache of maintaining backups or minimizing downtime if infrastructure fails at your end. So, the cloud option is very important feature to have.
  • There should be proper after sale support infrastructure to help the customer in case of any issue.

We at LOGIC ERP strive to achieve all the things listed above. Some of the important points about why you should choose LOGIC ERP Textile Manufacturing ERP Software are summarized as under:

  • Performs the most critical and basic tasks best cutting through all the hype and marketing.
  • Complete End-to-End solution for manufacturing.
  • Fully GST Complaint with support for E-Invoicing.
  • Accurate Inventory management with batch/lot management.
  • Promise of providing accurate and consistent reports.
  • Business Insights and Dashboards for analysis.
  • Fully configurable reports. You can create as many reports as possible you want with different combinations and views.
  • Fully scalable. LOGIC ERP Textile Manufacturing Software can support data of multiple years and will work the same way whether it is one user or a hundred users. We have clients who have been working with us for more than 20 years.
  • Best after sale support available through a self-serving ticket portal. No need to call, just post a ticket and we get back to you ASAP.
  • Available both on Cloud and On-Premises.

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