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key Features


  • Timely planning of raw material purchase Orders from finished goods sale orders through MRP planning
  • Keep track of purchase orders with vendors through Vendor Portal
  • Automatic and timely generation purchase orders for stock re-filling at branches/stores using Advanced Auto-Replenishment
  • Quality Control module with multiple customizable parameters for goods received
  • Physical verification process of goods received
  • Automatic generation of rejection and replacement debit notes for rejected goods
  • Gate pass entry module for better goods/inventory receipt management
  • Multi-level Approval System for Vendor Payments
  • Internal Requisitions by various departments before Purchase Order generation
  • Quotation Management and price comparison between vendors/suppliers
  • Purchase order amendment history for better control
  • Payment Management of vendors through Payment Requisition Approval System
  • Additional expenses entry module in purchase for calculating landing cost goods. E.g., Freight, Loading/Unloading etc. expenses received after goods receipt.
Order Processing

Order Processing

  • Bulk sale order creation through Excel
  • B2C sale order creation through API
  • Sale Order creation through purchase orders from retail stores/POS/branches
  • Purchase order creation through sale orders for stock refilling
  • Job order creation through sale orders for production planning
  • Sale order creation using advanced filters like recently ordered items, new introduced items, items ordered by other customers in the same area etc.
  • Sale order amendment history
  • Multi-level approval system for sale order validation
  • Reserve stock against sale orders
  • Delivery Orders against stock reserved
  • Pick list creation for stock retrieval
  • Stock scanning for packing against delivery orders / pick lists
  • Mobile app for stock retrieval against pick list
  • Direct packing slip creation against sale order without stock reservation

Warehouse Management

  • Hierarchal warehouse definition i.e., Warehouse (Branch) + Godowns + Racks + Bins
  • Define product/item dimensions for capacity calculation
  • Define bin dimensions for capacity calculation
  • Capacity management available both units and volume
  • Specify product category wise bins. Items belonging to the specified product category will be allocated to those bins.
  • Automatic bin wise stock allocation based on capacity calculation
  • Bin to Bin stock transfer to manage physical stock
  • Physical stock verification of stock through RFID, Mobile app, PDA etc.
  • Pick list creation rack/bin wise for stock retrieval
  • Mobile app for stock retrieval against pick list
  • API integration available to integrate with various third part WMS solutions like Shafer, Increff, Infor etc.
Warehouse Management


  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Make to order
  • Make to stock
  • Assemble to order
  • Make to assemble
  • Batch manufacturing handling
  • Production Units, floor and line load and scheduling.
  • Progressive bundle system
  • Techpack and measurement features
  • Material Requirement planning (MRP)
  • Range plan and sampling
  • Multi-level Bill-of-Material
  • Bales, Rolls and it’s Barcoding.
  • Recipe definition for F&B Industry
  • Quality Control/Testing of Raw Material/Sem-Finished Goods/Finished Goods
  • Wastage handling
  • Finished goods costing from raw material costs and various overheads
  • Work-In-Progress Analysis

Supply Chain Management

  • Multi-Branch, Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Retail/POS
  • Automatically transfer stock from one warehouse to stores in real time
  • Goods in transit module helps to keep real-time track of goods/inventory
  • Advanced auto-replenishment
  • Set priority of retail store/POS for refilling of stock/inventory
  • Inventory re-filling-based product category wise sell-thru, base inventory, existing inventory, pending orders and much more.
  • Substitution/alternate item/product suggestion based on MRP or Shade or Style
  • New items/products introduced are automatically re-filled
  • Multi-product category wise hierarchal definition of base stock/inventory for refilling at retail store/POS level
  • Multi-product category wise definition of re-order at retail store/POS level
  • Advance feature of planning for upcoming season/period. This helps in timely stock procurement
  • Vendor management through vendor portal to keep track of purchase orders and their dispatches
  • Invoice generation from various sources like Delivery Orders, Sale Challans, Sale Orders etc.
  • Easy and fast revision selling rates or MRP at branches or retail stores or POS
  • Sales/Goods return management with validating returns against invoices, physical verification of returns, damaged goods return, expired goods return etc.
  • Raw Material requirement generation from sale orders received using material requisition planning
  • Sales price control through detailed price list management with location, party/customer, party/customer group, item/product category, item/product wise multiple markdowns etc.
  • Purchase price control through price comparison through quotation management etc.
  • Discover net cost for finished item through detailed production/manufacturing process using all inputs like raw material cost, overheads, labor payment etc.
Supply Chain Management


  • Maintain detailed employee records with option to attach various documents digitally
  • Define flexible payroll calculation period. Payroll can be calculated monthly or as per user defined period.
  • Multi-Branch employee management.
  • Employee payroll calculation mode can be periodic fixed salary, hourly or piece rate based
  • Customizable addition/deductions can be defined for each employee
  • Configurable payroll calculation modes for each employee or a group of employees
  • Comprehensive overtime and under time management
  • Shift wise payroll management.
  • Import daily attendance from external source like excel or biometric device
  • Flexible modes of entry of attendance available like detailed log of time in/time out or just marking present or absent.
  • Leave management with option of Casual Leaves/Sick Leaves/Optional Leaves etc.
  • Holiday management with Sundays/Week Offs or holidays automatically marked as Paid Leave or option to provide overtime on Sundays/Week Offs or holidays
  • Tracking of loans/advances given to employees and automatic monthly deduction from salary.
  • Linking of production/manufacturing directly with payroll in case of piece wise work like job work etc.
  • Various statutory reports for ESI, Provident fund included
  • Tax calculation and TDS deduction from salary.
  • Arrears calculation and disbursement with salary.
  • Posting of calculated salary in accounts in summarized form.

Accounts & Finance

  • Standard features like general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, profit and loss a/c and balance sheet
  • Multi-Branch and Multi-Currency accounting
  • Multiple levels of balance sheet grouping of accounts
  • 10X5 levels of general grouping
  • Separate data entry vouchers for Bank Receipts/Payments and Cash Receipt/Payments
  • Cost Centers, Cost Elements and Profit Center tagging with each entry
  • Cost Element wise budgeting
  • Cost Center + Profit Center + Account wise budgets
  • TDS/TCS module
  • Journal Sale/Sale Return with HSN and automatic GST liability posting
  • Journal Purchase/Purchase Return with HSN and automatic GST liability posting
  • Postdated cheque management
  • Petty Cash management
  • Multi-level approval and audit option for all accounting vouchers.
  • Bank Reconciliation through excel
  • Automatic posting of year end closing entries
  • Accounts posting available in all inventory documents like sale invoices, purchase, purchase returns etc.
  • Configurable reports and dashboards.
  • Complete audit trail of all documents
Accounts and Finance
MIS Reporting

MIS Reporting

  • More than 400+ base reports available
  • Each report can have unlimited number of report configurations with unique views and data filters
  • Export large reports to excel in seconds
  • Multiple analysis reports available across multiple financial years
  • Power reports feature analyzes large amount of data in seconds
  • Various inbuilt dashboards for analyzing data across multiple financial years
  • User based data access roles to limit access to data as per user role
  • Auto-Report mailer generates reports at scheduled times for e-mailing
  • Mobile app for offline reporting
  • Reporting categories
  • Financial Reports
  • Balance Sheets
  • Financial Analysis
  • Sale Registers
  • Sale Analysis Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Scheme Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Production Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • CRM Reports
  • User Access Reports
  • Business Insights module for dashboards

Point of Sale

  • Advanced and fully configurable POS system
  • Multiple Views
  • Touch/Mobile POS
  • Flexible Schemes and promotions
  • Weighing Scale Integration
  • Conversion factors (Buy in cases/Dozens etc. and sell in pcs)
  • Aaptak app for online ordering
  • Home Delivery app
  • Cashier/Shift System
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Integrated with PayTM, PayU, Mobikwik, Pine Lab, Jio Money
  • Expiry Prompt
Point of Sale
CRM-Loyalty Management

CRM - Loyalty Management

  • Inbuilt Loyalty System for Points Accrual and Redemption with customizable configuration
  • Multi-Branch/Retail store wise customer management.
  • Customer visibility across all channels like physical store, online website facilitating omni-channel sales
  • Brand/Category wise membership packages
  • Birthday and anniversary discount and offers
  • Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • OTP based Points and Coupon Redemption
  • Manual Discount Entry approval through Mobile App or OTP
  • Customized Feedback and Surveys
  • Instant Feedback at POS
  • Send digital bills through SMS/WhatsApp
  • Integrated with third party Loyalty Programs


  • B2B Platforms - Integrated, Cloud and Offline
  • Product catalogue with multiple images
  • Multiple views for item/product listing
  • The portal or app can be used both by the field salesmen/agents or customer directly
  • Field Sales Agents/Salesmen can book orders from customers
  • Customers can place orders directly by using Portal or App
  • Stock-in-hand can be checked while placing orders
  • Customer outstanding and ledger can be viewed both by agents and customers
  • Field agents can enter cash or cheques received through the portal/app
  • Facility to track agents in the field on Google Maps using Geo-Location API
  • Shade and Size wise entry for apparel/fashion industry
  • Item Sets wise entry. Multiple items with quantity can grouped as one SET to facilitate order booking of a SET of Items with just one click.
  • Automatic generation of multiple orders from Items selected in the Cart based on Brand/Item Category etc. for better order management
  • Stock Validation can be placed while booking orders. Orders beyond available stock can be blocked.
  • Customer wise Price List while booking orders. Individual customer can view prices according to margins/discounts offered.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management Software

  • Multiple units of measure (Dozens, Cases, Pcs etc.) for each item
  • Inventory Capture - Barcoding SKU/EAN/Batch No/MRP/Pcs wise unique
  • Fully Customized Barcode Generation
  • Expired/Damaged Stock/Inventory Management
  • Bin/Rack wise Items
  • Dead/Slow Moving Stock Reporting and Management
  • Maintain Carton/Set Wise Inventory
  • Define product/item dimensions for capacity calculation
  • Define bin dimensions for capacity calculation
  • Capacity management available both units and volume
  • Inventory Movement (FIFO, LIFO and Actual)
  • Inventory valuation like FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, Moving Weightage Average, Standard.
  • Goods In Transit and well as reconciliation of stock across locations
  • Auditing and Physical Verification of Inventory
  • Assembling/De-Assembling/Bundling of inventory
  • Bill-Of-Material (BOM) provide deep insights to raw material mix, cost of ingredients, cost of final products and much more

E-Commerce Management

  • Share Item masters with various B2C platforms
  • Share real time stock with various B2C platforms
  • Auto-receive orders into LOGIC ERP from multiple B2C platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  • Auto-Reserve stock against orders received
  • Multi-level approval system for sale order validation
  • Delivery Orders against stock reserved
  • Pick list creation for stock retrieval
  • Stock scanning for packing against delivery orders / pick lists
  • Mobile app for stock retrieval against pick list
  • Share order status/stage information with various B2C platforms
  • Automatic schemes/discounts management for B2C orders
  • Share invoice creation and order shipping information with B2C platforms
  • Manage accounts receivables/commission of various B2C platforms
  • Integration Partners
  • Unicommerce
  • Vinculum
  • eShipz
  • Ajio
  • True Value E Commerce Private Limited
  • Fynd Platform
  • Rubicon
Promotion Scheme Campaign

Promotion/Scheme Campaign Management

  • Create multiple custom scheme campaigns filtered on basis of Brands, Item Categories, Items, SKUs, periods etc.
  • Multiple discount fields available both in percentage and value
  • Retail Store/Branch/Branch Group wise scheme campaign applicability
  • Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers
  • Pre-Paid Discount Cards
  • Loyalty Discount Cards
  • Points based accrual, redemption, and discount management
  • Retail Customer wise Birthday/Anniversary Discounts
  • Skip/disallow discounts on fresh stock/inventory
  • Schemes/Discounts based slow moving/dead stock/inventory
  • Manual Discount Entry approval through Mobile App or OTP
  • Performance analysis of various schemes and promotions through comprehensive reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions asked by our Clients

Pharma ERP is a software application which helps Pharma businesses to opt for digitation of their records, reduce manual paperwork and run the businesses efficiently. Pharma ERP Software also provides keen insights into your business which helps in taking timely decisions which result in cost saving and reducing overheads. Pharma ERP Software facilitates businesses bind together various businesses processes, enable efficient communication, reduce data duplication, and provide regular and timely insights into the business. Pharma ERP software connects various departments, remote offices, branches, retail stores, distribution centers, warehouses through a single database.

Pharma ERP Software can be used by Pharma Businesses who have multiple production units, warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores spread across multiple locations. The Pharma ERP Software helps manage the business right from raw material procurement to production of goods, management of inventory in the warehouses, fulfillment of orders, replenish the stock at various locations at the right time and manage the retail store operations.

A robust Pharma ERP Software can have huge benefits for your business. It can bring many efficiencies into your business which may result in cost saving, reducing wastage, customer satisfaction, increase in business through timely replenishment of your inventory or stock. Some of the main benefits can be listed as below:

  • Timely and efficient procurement of raw materials reducing wastage and overstocking
  • Sale Order Management facilitating what to produce and when to produce
  • Warehouse management with inventory location through rack and bin management
  • Bringing efficiency to manufacturing processes via process or discreet manufacturing or assemble to order or batch manufacturing.
  • Management of the complete supply chain via auto stock replenishment, goods in transit, physical goods verification, price control etc.
  • Efficient management of perishable or expired goods and inventory
  • Accurate payroll management be it piece rate workers, hourly rate workers or salaried employees with compliances.
  • Accurate MIS reporting with dashboards to get a bird’s eye view of the business
  • Complete integration of various Point of Sale locations with the Pharma ERP
  • Inbuilt CRM module or third-party integration to engage with your customers and analyze their likes, dislikes, buying patterns, choices, and preferences etc. to better serve them.
  • Support of Omni-Channel Retail to facilitate sales seamlessly whether it is through physical stores or e-commerce.
  • Flexible Promotion & Campaign management module to manage and implement various discounts, schemes, gift vouchers, discount coupons etc.
  • Timely replenishment of inventory based on various methods like fast selling items, seasonal items etc.
  • Track product margins, pricing, schemes, discounts to get better deals from suppliers or vendors
  • Helps manage the accounts, TDS, TCS, GST returns and other accounting related areas of the business.

To choose the right Pharma ERP Software one needs to be aware of the following things:

  • The Pharma ERP Software should fulfill the complete needs of your business providing tools which reduce inefficiencies, wastage, duplication of work and integrating all the business processes seamlessly
  • The Pharma ERP software should support the latest technology and the company should have the capability to adapt the product to the new technological changes.
  • The Pharma ERP software not only be technologically adaptable, but it should also be flexible and capable enough to keep up to date regarding the various changes of government rules, taxes, and compliances
  • The Pharma ERP software should be scalable i.e., it should perform the same way whether it is one user or a thousand users. It should be able to support and manage your data volume across multiple years
  • The Pharma ERP software should be able to present and maintain accurate and consistent data because your business will be dependent on the ERP software for all the compliances like accounting, GST, inventory, pricing etc.
  • Fast, accurate and configurable reports are a very important part of the Pharma ERP software. It should have an extensive reporting tool which covers each aspect and allow end user to create new reports as per requirement.
  • Security, audit, and logging. The Pharma ERP Software should be secure enough to prevent unauthorized access, should allow audit of each transaction and should be able to maintain log of each activity in the application.
  • The Pharma ERP should be deployable on the cloud. This removes the headache of maintaining backups or minimizing downtime if infrastructure fails at your end. It also reduces the botheration of employing trained staff to maintain in-house infrastructure
  • The company offering the Pharma ERP solution should have proper after sale support infrastructure to help you regarding day-to-day issues.

We at LOGIC ERP strive to achieve all the things listed above. Some of the important points about why you should choose Pharma ERP offered by LOGIC ERP are summarized as under:

  • Performs the most critical and basic tasks best cutting through all the hype and marketing
  • End-to-End solution from Manufacturing to Retail
  • Fully supports multi-locations, multi-warehouses, and multi-currency
  • Fully GST Complaint
  • Promise of providing accurate and consistent reports
  • Business Insights and Dashboards for analysis
  • Fully configurable reports. You can create as many reports as possible you want with different combinations and views
  • Fully scalable. Pharma ERP by LOGIC ERP can support data of multiple years and will work the same way whether it is one user or a thousand users. We have clients who have been working with us for more than 20 years
  • Best after sale support available through a self-serving ticket portal. No need to call, just post a ticket and we get back to you ASAP.
  • Available both on Cloud and On-Premises

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