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LOGIC ERP Accounting Software provides a robust accounting module with standard features like general ledger, accounting vouchers and advanced features like cost centers, budgeting, multi-branch, and multi-currency accounting, financial reporting, audit trail etc.

key Features

  • Standard features like general ledger, accounts receivable/payable, profit and loss a/c and balance sheet
  • Multi-Branch and Multi-Currency accounting
  • Multiple levels of balance sheet grouping of accounts
  • 10X5 levels of general grouping
  • Separate data entry vouchers for Bank Receipts/Payments and Cash Receipt/Payments
  • Cost Centers, Cost Elements and Profit Center tagging with each entry
  • Cost Element wise budgeting
  • Cost Center + Profit Center + Account wise budgets
  • TDS/TCS module
  • Journal Sale/Sale Return with HSN and automatic GST liability posting
  • Journal Purchase/Purchase Return with HSN and automatic GST liability posting
  • Postdated cheque management
  • Petty Cash management
  • Multi-level approval and audit option for all accounting vouchers.
  • Bank Reconciliation through excel
  • Automatic posting of year end closing entries
  • Accounts posting available in all inventory documents like sale invoices, purchase, purchase returns etc.
  • Configurable reports and dashboards.
  • Complete audit trail of all documents
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions asked by our Clients

Accounting Software or ERP Accounting Software is a software application which helps different type of businesses like retailers, distributors, wholesales, service providers, manufacturers, small business owners to large businesses etc. for digitation of their account books, reduce manual paperwork and run the businesses in an effective manner. Accounting Software also provides keen insights into your business, which helps you in taking timely decisions which result in cost saving and reducing overheads. ERP Accounting Software helps businesses maintain accurate books of accounts by providing various features and tools like billing, inventory management, orders, accounting, GST E-Filing, financial reporting, and insights into your business.

ERP Accounting Software is mostly used by retailers, distributors, wholesalers, service providers, manufacturers, small business owners to large businesses etc. The nature of businesses is becoming more complex with the introduction of GST and other compliances like maintaining audit trail etc. introduced by the government, managing the business manually is quite a tedious task. Business requirements include management of accounts, financial data, inventory and stock, GST Returns, discounts, and schemes etc., which can only be done through a proper ERP Accounting Software.

A robust ERP Accounting Software can have huge benefits for your business. It can bring many efficiencies into your business which may result in cost saving, reducing wastage, customer satisfaction, and keeping up to date on various government compliances related to financial reports and financial data. Some of the main benefits can be listed below:

  • Accurate maintenance of books of accounts and financial data
  • Accurate and fast GST billing
  • Accurate Audit Trail record for each transaction
  • Cost Centers and Budgeting
  • Auto Bank reconciliation
  • Better inventory and stock management
  • Track product margins, pricing, schemes, discounts to get better deals from suppliers or vendors.
  • Automated payment reminders to customers and salesmen
  • GST Reports and GST Returns
  • GST E-Invoicing and E-Way bills
  • Management of books of accounts, TDS, TCS, GST returns and other accounting related areas of the business.

To choose the right ERP Accounting Software one needs to be aware of the following things:

  • The ERP Accounting Software should fulfill the complete business requirements, which include inventory management, accounting, GST Returns and then some more.
  • The ERP Accounting software should be in the latest technology that exists in the market. It should not be in some outdated technology which the latest operating systems like Microsoft Windows have stopped supporting.
  • The ERP Accounting software should be scalable i.e., it should perform the same way whether it is one user or a thousand users. It should be able to support and manage your data volume across multiple years.
  • Data accuracy is of paramount importance. The ERP Accounting software should be able to present and maintain accurate and consistent data because you will be dependent on the software for all the compliances like financial reporting, billing, accounts, GST, inventory etc.
  • Fast, accurate and configurable reports are a very important part of the ERP Accounting software. It should have an extensive reporting tool which covers each aspect and allows end user to create new reports as per requirement.
  • Security, audit, and logging. The ERP Accounting Software should be secure enough to prevent unauthorized access, should allow audit of each transaction and should be able to maintain log of each activity in the application.
  • In today’s time, many companies are offering their software on the cloud. This removes the botheration of maintaining backups or minimizing downtime if infrastructure fails at your end. So, cloud accounting software is a very important feature to have.
  • There should be proper after-sales support infrastructure to help the customer in case of any issue.

We at LOGIC ERP strive to achieve all the things listed above. Some of the important points about why you should choose LOGIC ERP Accounting Software are summarized as under:

  • Performs the most critical and basic tasks best cutting across all the hype and marketing.
  • Fully GST Complaint
  • Configurable and Flexible data entry modes
  • Configure User Access to various options as per requirement.
  • Attach multiple external files and documents like PDF, JPG, Excel etc. with each voucher.
  • Multiple Invoice and Billing formats
  • Multiple currency support
  • Complete Audit trail for each transaction.
  • Promise of providing accurate and consistent reports
  • Business Insights and Dashboards for analysis
  • Fully configurable reports. You can create as many reports as possible you want with different combinations and views.
  • Fully scalable. It can support data of multiple years and will work the same way whether it is one user or a hundred users. We have clients who have been working with us for more than 20 years.
  • Best after sale support available through a self-serving ticket portal. No need to call, just post a ticket and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • Available both on Cloud and On-Premises

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