LOGIC ERP Software Solution for Manufacturing

LOGIC ERP Software Solution for Manufacturing is a highly scalable and flexible software solution to strengthen back-office operations for better control and higher profitability. LOGIC ERP supports the entire range of manufacturing processes from procurement of raw materials, production tracking, inventory management, supply chain planning, expanded outsourcing, sales and marketing, asset maintenance, human capital and payroll management and business analytics.

key Features

  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Process manufacturing
  • Make to order
  • Make to stock
  • Assemble to order
  • Make to assemble
  • Batch manufacturing handling
  • Production Units, floor and line load and scheduling.
  • Progressive bundle system
  • Techpack and measurement features
  • Material Requirement planning (MRP)
  • Range plan and sampling
  • Multi-level Bill-of-Material
  • Bales, Rolls and it’s Barcoding.
  • Recipe definition for F&B Industry
  • Quality Control/Testing of Raw Material/Sem-Finished Goods/Finished Goods
  • Wastage handling
  • Finished goods costing from raw material costs and various overheads
  • Work-In-Progress Analysis
Logic Manufacturing

Why Choose LOGIC ERP

LOGIC ERP Veritable Manufacturing Solutions works on trio-dimensions with data analytics, from pre- production planning, W.I.P production and post-production activities covering all major and minor requirements of manufacturing business which are inevitably must to compete and stand high among competitors. The secret of leading business lies in a lot of ground studies, practical experiences and designing your product according to socio- economical variation and implementation of latest technologies to grab opportunity nationwide as well as globally.


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